legal action must be taken against the said Saudi government through the international criminal court.

Authorities in Saudi Arabia have faced sharp criticism over their safety record after more than 8000 pilgrims died in the worst accident during the annual Muslim festival of Hajj in two decades.

Critics of the Saudi authorities noted it was less than a month since a crane accident in Mecca killed hundreds people.

Saudi Authorities hiding the death toll to save their skin from Muslim world thousands have been died, with thousands badly injured, in a stampede at a crossroads in the Mecca neighborhood of Mina as Hajj pilgrims walked towards a structure designed to ease congestion.

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The incident is the worst since the 1990 tragedy when more than 2000 people were killed in a stampede.

Every Hajji was holding identification tag on his hand, then why they are still missing? 5 days are gone but many containers holding dead bodies are still not opened. Most of the dead bodies are further expired and cannot be buried properly.

Saudi government deliberately handled the dead bodies inhumanly, as if the dead ones were not human ones. Clearing the place with lifters and throwing the dead bodies of hujjaj, like a dust bag in the containers.

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The crowd was out of control when Saudi Prince, defense Minister was travelling inside area to performing Hujj with his huge convey sitting in the car, exit area was closed and security staff pushed the Hujjaj back that was the main cause of hustle and bustle which killed thousands of Hujjaj.

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Iran’s minister for Hajj Saeed Ohadi claimed Saudi authorities’ “mismanagement” and “safety errors” during the pilgrimage had led to the tragedy in which at least 47 Iranians are thought to have died.

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Hundreds of Pakistanis are dead and injured with hundreds are still missing it’s a complete failure of Saudi government. This act of Saudi government must be condemned and a legal action must be taken against the said Saudi government through the international criminal court.



A question normally asked very often, that what is the purpose of human being to come in this world. A simple answer which is given by a Muslim school of thought is: {And We have not created you but for worshipping (to US)}.
Before worshipping to them, it was necessary to know the true direction of worship towards our true Creators (Khaliqoun). Those are disclosed as 19 True Lights in 2 groups of 7+12 (19) Nouroun Ela Nouien fron Surah Nur 24:35.
In the same perspective a question was raised “how it can be justified that the 19 Anwaar became Allah of Illahiyaat & if this is true, then why our Aa’ima not defined the same destination clearly?”

A very comprehensive answer of this question was given by Professor Dr Akbar Abbas, the Head of Monotheism (Hebew), and the well known discoverer of Addad / word 19 in last 12 hundred years of our subcontinent. He stated beautifully on this complicated question in very simple and comprehensive way by illustrating simple examples.
He said that the life of this word is an exam for us and we came in this world just like a student to qualify our exam and this earth is an examination hall for submitting our papers accordingly. We are also provided our syllabus consisting all the holy books /Sahaif including “Final Book Of Wisdom / Holy Quran”.

Every Holy book / Sahhifa was sent with its teacher our Prophets / Messengers. Even the Principal of all our heavenly school of thought was also sent down to preach us the final book of wisdom and he was our great and divine Lord of the Prophets / Messengers. With him was an excellent explanation / Ahsan Tafseer, a speaking authority, a divine guide / Imam, a mercy, and as well as a healing for the breasts of true believers.

Then there were true and divine invigilators, and instructors rose for us to guide and help to solve our question papers in this examination for every nation. The said divine instructors were also called divine witnesses over our every act manifested or hidden.
Mr. Abbas in his great submission also disclosed that all the holy books being our Syllabus has an excellent role to achieve our faith to qualify in our worldly exam and without these books no one can get success either, he is in the religion of Judaism, Christianity or Islam. He also given us a great message in his reply to the above answer that the so called scholars were preaching that there is no need of previous holy books and that were abolished for Muslims. The said saying of these scholars was proved now a word of blaspheme against the word of Lord our God and our valued syllabus. Even these foolish and impure scholars do not know the first book / Sahifa of our divine syllabus called Sahifa e Nouh (as).

Now please look a very short introduction and conclusion on these holy books and their importance in our faith / Religion of God, Ellohim / Allaha / Allah /.


When the whole universe was destroyed and the nations were drowned, except the family of Noah (as), the said Prophet was much upset and grieved on this major destruction. Then the Lord Almighty promised HZ: Noah (as), not to wiped out the sons of Noah (as) at once through Great flood in future. Hz: Noah (as) asked a sign for this promise. Then a sign was given to him and the Lord said that whenever there will be a rain and after that a seven colour’s Rainbow will appeared, then you may know that I have reminded my promise.

SAHHIFA.e.HZ: IBRAHIM (as), The 2nd BOOK OF OUR SYLLABUSHoly Quran reminds us “don’t you know what is in Sohaf-e-Moosa & Sohaf-e-Ibrahim (as)? Why the Qur’an has considered this Sahifa-e-Ibrahim (as) before the time of Prophet Moses (as) importantly and referred us to consider it?

Actually, there were 2 major issues of this holy book, the 1st is that he was blessed by His Lord ELYON (ELY-AJ) and the Lord himself appeared to Hz: Ibrahim (as) as a Great Priest /IMAM, as well as a Warrior and a mighty man. He fought for HZ: Ibrahim against his enemies & made him victorious. After winning the battle He also took 10th of his lambs being tithes (Usher /10%).

Second part of this Sahhifa is pointing to another important incident which is known in Qur’an as Zaif-e-Ibrahim, in which Lord Almighty along with 2 other lords / Imaam (Hassan & Hussain (aj) visited the tent of Hz: Ibrahim (as) and given the good news of his 2nd son and have had a Lunch with a roasted lamb and unleavened bread without yeast. Afterward a soft argument was held between him and His Lord (ELY-aj) in relation to the destruction of two cities holed by his first cousin and a Prophet Hz: Lut (as). Afterword the said 2 lords went to Hz: Lut (as) and the said prophet prostrated himself in front of these two Lords.

Another question will be raised here, that who were these Lords taking prostration from the said prophet, and what was their introduction?

KITTAAB-e-Musa known as Kitab-ul-MMAM, the 3rd BOOK OF Our SYLLABUS.

The Holy Qur’an says that:
We gave Moosa a Book which was an Imam & Rehma in which was “Tafseel-e-kuly Shayin” in it (explanation of each & everything) in fact there were Haruf -e-Muqta’at of Hebrew language in these two Alwah /stone tablets, inscribed with the finger of the Lord.
In the same resemblance our Great Prophet Muhammad (savw) came, and he was also blessed with the same kind of great Book known as an IMAM, & Rehma, as well as Kitabe Mubbin and Umul Kitab with the Arabic Hroof-e-Muqtea’at. But the difference in the two books was that now there was a speaking divine Book as an Imam, well known to every reader as Imam in Mubbin (a Manifested Imam).

Book of David ( Kitabe Munnir) ZABUR, the 4th BOOK OF OUR SYLLABUS.

The book of David was again treated a most important book of our syllabus and it was named Enlighten Book / “Kitab-e-Munir and it was strictly instructed to every mankind, that don’t dispute about Allah / Allaha / Ellohim without the knowledge and guidance of Enlighten book / Kitab-e-Munir.

And the Holy Qur’an guides us that the said divine book was revealed with the previous holy books. It was also strictly prohibited not to argue about Allah without this said enlighten book or otherwise you will be considered a student of all the shiyatien / devils.
Now being a student we were bound to get knowledge form the said enlighten book / Zabur in relation to the most important issue of Touhid, knowing of our Allah / Allaha / Ellohim for every Muslim, Christian and Jew was the only source unanimously the Book of David well known as Zabur.

The whole chain of Illahiyaat was preached and taught for every mankind as a soluble oneness of Real Lord our God with His all divine attributes of Light known as Ellohi, (Allah-ul-Eaziem) then His 2nd Command as Bra Ellohim (Allah O Akbar) and sons of ELYON (ELY –aj) known as Ellohim (Allah).

This divine Kitabe Munir has also disclosed our divine “Queen of Heaven”. And her divine sons disclosed as Syedim / Kings of Heaven and the glorious ones / Kull-e-Jllalin. The same book has disclosed the glorification/Subhan of our Queen of Heaven, called as Tasbih-e-Fatima (aj).

Another major issue Inheritance of our Lord ELY (AJ) was also disclosed in the same book and without Zabur we were unable to certify the issues of Lord’s Inheritors, the true Successors, and the Inheritors of Earth, as well as the true sons ship of our Lord’s argument of His sons / Banun based on non begotten sons ship and their overshadowed pure births.

Moreover, the dispute about the coming of remaining Attribute / Baqiyat- Allah, physically through exaltation (Zahur-e-Mahdi-aj) and will not through birth, a well known dispute in Shia and Sunni Muslims is solved in this Enlighten Book / Kitabe Munir.

The Book of ESSA (as) Gospel / INJIL, the 6th BOOK OF OUR SYLLABUS.

As the IQ for the coming nations day by day was increasing and the nations were upgraded, the holy part of Injil has also deeply provided us the certification of Illahiyat and as well as the major undisclosed issues of holy Qur’an were revealed in it. There is a complete detail available in the preaching of Prof Dr Syed Akbar Abbas in comparative study and excellent step by step discoveries of our Queen of heaven’s coming, wearing crown of 12 stars, under her feet are sun and moon also certified in Qur’an when the sun and moon will be united together. She is coming before the day of Judgment with her last son Hz: Mohsin (aj) the last remaining Inheritor of our Lord God ELY (AJ).

The said discovery is also certified and available in Enlighten Book disclosed as Zabur.
The book of Essa (as) Injil has also disclosed the truth of Jesus Christ being the non begotten son of ELY (AJ) and a child of overshadowed miraculous birth, and dozens of holy discoveries of non disclosed issues of Qur’an and Islam.

The book of Hazrat Yahya is also preached 6 months before the Christ and still not known to a single mankind except the students of our Professor Abbas.


The Holy Qur’an is a book of wisdom and the last testament of our Lord /God. He has preached this Qur’an by himself being the best explanation / Ahsan Tafseer. Therefore, the issues of previous books preached step by step needs not to submit again. It was against the wisdom itself. Our Principal of the syllabus has left the information during his submission of wisdom in Qur’an. It has been proved from his sayings called Ahadis (Ahadith). Qur’an has given us every example to understand in the syllabus.


Every student /mankind is bound to have his complete syllabus in his hand before preparation for his final exam. It is a Fundamental Truth. Therefore the Holy Quran intensifies the fact by stressing the fact that “you are not a believer if you don’t have faith (Iman) in all the holy books.

Published by:

(Professora Syeda Masooma Zahra Naqvi)


Another terrorist attacks in last weeks in Lahore by Lashker e Jhangvi. Police failed to register any FIR.

Mr. Arslan Javed son of late Javaid Iqbal and the real uncle Mr. Kashif Ali  have been saved in a terrorist attack on 28th March this year, Mr. Arslan Javaid’s father and real brother of Mr. Kashif Ali was murdered in 2002 because of a religious extremism. Mr. Arslan a young man is under life threats because He and His father and mother was a converted Shia.

Mr. Javaid Iqbal son of Chiragh Din CNIC No 35202-7071618-1 resident of House No 37H, Nadeem Town, Post Office Stop, Multan Chungi, LahorHe was under extremely life threats from the day he was converted with his family from Sunni Muslims to Shia Schools of thought. Terrorist groups like Sipahe Sahaba / Lashker e Jhangvi were chasing him to kill him and his family, laterly Mr. Javaid Iqbal was killed / murdered on 24th October, 2002 near Nishtar Block, Allama Iqbal Town, Lahore. Pakistan.

Mr. Javaid Iqbal’s murdered was also condemned by National Peace Committee Punjab and it was observed that the Punjab Government has badly failed to arrests these kinds of religious extremists those are spreading terrorism in Pakistan.

These kinds of terrorist attacked must be handled with Iron hands and the terrorists must be arrested as soon as possible. Punjab Police has failed to register a case against these kinds of terrorists.

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Hot news against Taliban, Look! What is ALLAH of Kitabe Munir ?

news against Taliban, Look! What is ALLAH of Kitabe Munir ?

Please look into a mirror of the holy scriptures of Qur’an and Sahaif. The Arabic word Allah was preached falsely saying not singular not plural. Which was a plural in form of Hebrew word IL / deity / divine / Mighty God, same as it is found in Sahifa al-Yasah (as) the word “IL” was translated as Mighty God at ISAIAH 9 : 6 in these following words: ‘

A Wonderful Counsellor, Mighty God-(IL), Everlasting Father and a Prince of Peace / Salem.

Paul has claimed Christianity that Jesus was the PRINCE OF PEACE and an IMMAM / Priest for ever like KING OF PEACE. So Paul’s claim is proved false trough the disclosed verse of ISAIAH noted above. The verse referred to the person being a Prince of Peace. Whereas, Jesus said he is not for the Peace and he yet not married so he cannot be taken as Everlasting Father. Any how It is understood that a Prince of Peace must be low in rank of the King of the Peace disclosed at Hebrews 7 : 2 – 4. And in Torah (Torait) at Genesis 14 : 18

Holy Qur’an has also certified all the said introduction of the said King of PEACE in the same manners, in various holy verses of Qur’an, for example look at the Malik ul Salem / KING OF PEACE in Qur’an at 59 : 23. He was also known as King of Righteousness / Malik ul Sadiq, without father and mother (LAM YALID VALAM YOULAD at Qur’an 112 : 3), without genealogy ( Ghere Shein at Qur’an 52:35 ) and without beginning of days or end of life (Aval O’ Akhir), and an IMAM / Priest for ever (Immamin Mubbin of Surah Yasin 36 :12) as well as the KING OF TRUTH / MALIK ul Sadiq is also called Sadaq ul Mursalouna, well known to the men of wisdom at Quran 36 : 52 ).

‘IL’ MIGHTY GOD is also proved lower in the rank of Most High GOD (al ELYON) from Sahifa-e- IBRAHIM (as) and Muhammad (saw) disclosed as “IL”/ Mighty God in Qur’an at 37 : 130 read as Salamun Ela IL-Yasin. YASIN was the name for Muhammad (saww), in Surah Yasin at 36 : 1, but once again some ignorant scholars of Islam purposely hide the truth and the word disclosed as IL-YASIN was taken for a past Prophet ILYAS (as) who was uplifted and still alive in heaven.

Now come to the point that the route of ILLAH is “IL”. Therefore, all the divine – IL’ are united and beingsoluble makes a unity of ILLAH & Allah – God. It was also difficult to accept by the nations of time that how these divine ones can be united as one? See the Qur’an has revealed the same issue as under:

He has make (converted) all the Alleha / gods into one GOD Lo’ this is a strange thing. (Qur’an 38 : 5)”.

Actually Yahud O’ Nasara / Jews and Christians were confused and it was a strange thing to believe in this kind of Unity which is soluble / Tahlillan by intermingled to each other like “Hussaina mini va anna min-al-Hussain (aj), says the Holy Prophet Muhammad (saww )”. In the same way Essa (as) has preached saying ” Don’t you believe that I am in the Father and that the Father in me” (John 14: 10 ), but they did not understand this kind of unity. So the result was as under:

“But the Chiefs of them departed (saying) walk away and remain steadfast to your gods (Alleha) Lo’ “this is a thing designed(Qur’an 38 : 6 ).

Even now in advance IQ level still it is the same case today. Our preachers are also found “sumun bukmum fahm la yarjoun“, in this holy subject of wisdom. It was also explained in a supplication / Dua-e-Jamia about soluble / Tehlilan Unity of Touheed- Oneness of divine ones:

( La Illah Ila Allaho Tehlilan- La Yohseyhi Gheiro..Qabla Kule Ahdin va ma’a Kule Ahdin va ba’ada Kule Ahdin Allaho Akbar ta’a Kabiran).

Now you can understand the real Touheed?

Now look the word Allah is Ellohim in the previous Enlighten book / Kitabe Munir.

ELLOHIM / Allah is infact is a title for the non-begotten sons / Banien- e- ELYON of ALI (aj) sitting in the divine holy Assembly in heaven and revealed in Zabur 82:6, Zabur 138 :1. And the same were certified and referred by Hz: Essa (as) himself one of that sons of Ali (aj) breaking the major concept of Christianity of trinity (3 in 1) clearly disclosed in Injil ( at John 10 : 34-36 ). These divine sons were also called Syedim / Sadat in Zabur ( Enlighten book / Kitab e Munir).

The major reality is that, that once again all the divine introduction of the holy sons is found available in holy Qur’an but not preached or explained in our nations of Islam from a long time, when the Islam was gone in the hands of Terrorists after the early days of real Islam.

Look the said holy Assembly of Sons of ALI being Ellohim / Allah of Zabur, was also revealed in holy Qur’an at 37 : 8 and 38 : 69 being Mlla-ul-Ea’alla / Most High Assembly, but not a single Muslim Scholar has come forward to guide our Muslim world that who they are? And what is their relation with our holy Prophet and Moula ALI (aj)? The divine sons of ALI (aj) were introduced in that holy Assembly of Zabur and Injil and Qur’an, then why not introduced to us and they were important for the holy prophets, believers and the Muslims Umah of the past?

Dear Brothers!

I know it must be a difficult subject for all of you, including the so called high preachers of Islam, it’s an important issue of our faith and of TOUHEED / Divine Unity.” Without believing in these holy attributes no one can be a Muslim. So Allah is preached to us being a oneness of our God and not the only one without the his holy attributes of Light. Therefore, the above certified “Illahiyat” is a real Touheed.

These non-begotten and divine son ship of ALI (aj) is not rejected in holy Qur’an but also disclosed that holy Prophet according to Qur’an has called Jews for the son ship of Lord at Qur’an 37 : 149 – 157 and called the with their book Zabur if you are truth-full. (Qur’an 37 : 157) But they did not responded for the said argument about the non-begotten sons of Lord.

What is Shirk?

These all non-begotten sons of Lord makes a great UNITY of 19 Anwar through intermingled and soluble / Tehlillan to each other with Allah O Akbar / Bra- Ellohim / Great God and as well as their Master ALLah ul Eaziem / Kabiir that is ALI -ul-Eaziem va ALI –ul-Kabir and he is our ALLAH / RUBincluding all of his holy and divine Attributes of Nour / LIGHT. Believing in other others / Gheiraho, not of holy Lighs / Anwar , or making them equal to these holy & divine ones disclosed above is a shirk.

The above divine attributes of LIGHTS / ANWAR of (Qur’an 24:35) also revealed as “NOUROUN ELLA NOURIEN” One Immam over next Immam in 2 group of Light and also disclosed as INHERITORS / WARISOUN holding the authority to give life and death ( Qur’an 15 : 23) and the our CREATORS /KHALIQOUN (Qur’an 56 : 57-59 & 52 : 35) certification / flu la Tassadiqoun to these CREATORS / KHALIQOUN is required very strongly from each and every male / female who became young at Qur’an 56 : 57 in Surah Waqiah.

Therefore, these divine sons of LORD ALI (aj ) and our Creators have introduced their selves in these words of truth :

Don’t be confused in these word of Immam Jaffar ul Sadiq (aj) because, they are our Creators / KHLIQOUN in Qur’an and they have been Created by the best of the Creators / Ahsan-ul-Khaliqeen (Qur’an23:124&37:125).

So Ahsan-ul-Khaliqeen is the head of them. And surely it wasn’t preached before to you from the holy verses of Kitab ul Munir or the holy Qur’an. Even most of the preachers of Islam don’t have any clue about the said Kitabin Munir / Enlighten book stated in holy Qur’an.


I know after a long time of ignorance, it is not easy to hold the divine (non-begotten) sons of Ali (aj), Muhammad (saw) and the great Moula ALI (a j) unitedly as ALLAH. Therefore, the above submission in relation to Allah has been provided through the Enlighten Book / Kitabe Munir so that no one could deny it if he has the faith in Qur’an, as the holy Qur’an has already commanded in short words that you should not make any argument about ALLAH without the knowledge of Kitabe Munir. (Qur’an 31 : 20, and at 22 : 8 ). And be sure that Kitabe Munir is not the holy Qur’an as well, look at Qur’an 35 : 25 and 3 :184.

Therefore, without Touheed / believing in soluble / Tehlillan Allah, how you can be a Muslim?

Special Note:

This hot news is a great discovery of the time and a direct death for the Taliban’s and more importantly for the heads / preachers of Yazidi school of thought ( like Saudis ) and Yehuda’s those are found the killers of their own divine Creators.

Holy Qur’an has called Shash Immamies (Agha Khanies) / Ismailies as non Muslims even they believed in Allah (QJ), Muhammad (saww), Immam e Ely (aj) and his 6 (Six) Immams of Ahlel Beit (swa) with all the other necessary requirements of Islam to believe.

O’Taliban’s ! Now think again and again where did you stand? and how you can be a Muslim ? When already you have not given any light regarding your Creators and the 12 divine IMMAMS of Ahlel Beit (swa). You are the one even have not believed in a single IMMAM out of these 12 holy and divine ones holy attributes of Lights / Al- Anwar also disclosed holy Attributes of Lord ?

Now look you are the one again and again found killing innocent Muslims and true Momins / believers through ignorance and following the SATANIC paths of mischief makers / Muffsedien of ignorant and so called Scholars in you.

By: Syed Akbar Abbas Naqvi.

Muffasire Qur’an & Sahaif.

A direct Student of Lord in Illahiyat with Qur’an / Sahaif.

Head of Monotheism (Hebrew) / Millate Ibrahim (as).

A Breaking News of the day. Why the Torah Begin with the Letter Beit /Ba (same as Qur’an) a Jewish Scholar said?

Why the Torah Begin with the Letter Beit /Ba (same as Qur’an) a Jewish Scholar said? 

The first pasuk in the Torah:

א בְּרֵאשִׁית, בָּרָא אֱלֹהִים, אֵת הַשָּׁמַיִם, וְאֵת הָאָרֶץ.

1 In the beginning Great God /בָּרָא אֱלֹהִים Bra Elohim / created the heaven and the earth.

Why does the Torah begin with a bet, and not with an aleph? Simple. Because the pasuk wouldn’t make any sense if the first word were אראשית! 😉

Seriously, though, this is a question addressed in Bereishit Rabba 1:10, where it is phrased as why the world was created with a beit /ba rather than an aliph:

רבי יונה בשם ר’ לוי אמר:

למה נברא העולם בב’? ש

אלא מה ב’ זה סתום מכל צדדיו ופתוח מלפניו, כך אין לך רשות

לומר מה למטה מה למעלה, מה לפנים מה לאחור, אלא מיום שנברא העולם ולהבא.

בר קפרא אמר:

ש(דברים ד) כי שאל נא לימים ראשונים אשר היו לפניך. ש

למן היום שנבראו אתה דורש, ואי אתה דורש לפנים מכאן.

(שם) ולמקצה השמים ועד קצה השמים, אתה דורש וחוקר, ואי אתה חוקר לפנים.

מכאן דרש רבי יהודה בן פזי:

במעשה בראשית בהדיה דבר קפרא:

למה נברא העולם בב’? ש

להודיעך, שהן שני עולמים העוה”ז והעוה”ב..ש

דבר אחר:

ולמה בב’? ש

שהוא לשון ברכה.

ולמה לא באל”ף? ש

שהוא לשון ארירה.

דבר אחר:

למה לא באל”ף?

שלא ליתן פתחון פה לאפיקורסין לומר, היאך העולם יכול לעמוד שהוא נברא בלשון ארירה?!

אלא אמר הקדוש ברוך הוא, הרי אני בורא אותו בלשון ברכה והלואי יעמוד.

דבר אחר:

למה בב’?

אלא מה ב’ זה יש לו שני עוקצין, אחד מלמעלה ואחד מלמטה מאחוריו.

אומרים לב’ מי בראך?

והוא מראה בעוקצו מלמעלה ואמר: זה שלמעלה בראני.

ומה שמו?

והוא מראה להן בעוקצו של אחריו ואומר: ה’ שמו.

אמר רבי אלעזר בר חנינא בשם ר’ אחא:

עשרים וששה דורות היתה האל”ף קורא תגר לפני כסאו של הקדוש ברוך הוא.

אמרה לפניו: רבש”ע אני ראשון של אותיות ולא בראת עולמך בי?!

אמר לה הקב”ה: העולם ומלואו לא נברא אלא בזכות התורה, שנאמר: (משלי ג) ה’ בחכמה יסד ארץ וגו‘.

למחר אני בא ליתן תורה בסיני, ואיני פותח תחילה אלא בך שנאמר: (שמות כ) אנכי ה’ אלהיך.

רבי הושעיא אומר:

IBN EZRA setting out his own while doing this, he attacks this Midrash, writing: “There is also a derash which is good for others, and directs in a way of contemplation the children. For there is a bird which does not see in the day the brightly lit; and in the night it sees, because its eyes are dim; He concluded that the first word of Torah started from Beit /Ba is because of the word Baraka means Blessings. And if the matter were so, behold, {Yeshaya 24}

Now look my Views on the above submission of IBN EZRA a Jew.

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth…. בְּרֵאשִׁית, בָּרָא אֱלֹהִים, אֵת הַשָּׁמַיִם, וְאֵת הָאָרֶץ.

And as IBN EZRA says:

“The world was created with a beit/ba, because of Blessing”

(Yasayh in Chapter 24)

The above conclusion of the writer IBN EZRA trough the holy verse Hz: Al-Yasah (as) has submitted that the world was created with a beit/ Ba because of blessing /Braka. Yes his submission is true, but he has no knowledge of this word Ba in the same way as majority of the Muslim scholars did not know. Therefore, I have decided to submit it’s holy discovery as a breaking news of the day from all the Holy Scriptures of past and present. Now look further in detail as below:


The beautiful submission of our Lord was seen again when the holy Qur’an was also started with the same word Beit of Hebrew and Ba of Arabic alphabet / language the word Beit / Ba of bismillah. It was also miraculously introduced and up graded in knowledge in Injil/ Gospel as under:

John: 1 : 1-2e

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God. And He was God in the beginning.

It is very confusing for the Christian scholars and the Bible readers to day in Europe that how a God was before the God.

Now look this is the clear position of this WORD (Ba), which is disclosed above.

“In the beginning was the word ( Beit / Ba),

And the word ( Beit / Ba) was with God (Allaha’a),

And the word ( Beit / Ba) was God (Allaha’a). And He was God in the beginning”.

Jews are still confused that why this Word / Beit /Ba was given to Torah as a starting word Beit / Ba ? As we know that the Jews have not believed in Injil / Gospel (New Testament) the book of our Jesus Christ/Hz: Essa Masih (as). Therefore, they are far from the above discovery of the Word / Beit /Ba which was diclosed as the real God (Illah /Ellohi) even before the Allaha’a / Ellohim the God of Injil / Gospel.

The holy Qur’an was also started from the same ( Beit / Ba) as I have stated above. But once again majority of the Muslim faith / scholars of Islam were also failed to get the knowledge in the same way as the Jews did and have due to lack of study from the holy doors of Knowledge. These holy doors of knowledge were also disclosed in previous holy books as well as in Islamic books.

But majority of Muslims were also found blinded from their teachings even they have lived on this earth in between us. Therefore, in the same way majority of these Muslim Scholars are still far from the knowledge of this Word / Beit /Ba of Bismillah of Qur’an.

The Word / Beit /Ba of Bismillah was preached and disclosed by our divine and holy Prophet Muhammad (saww) the master of the holy doors of knowledge, as he claimed himself the City of Knowledge. He disclosed the Word / Beit /Ba of Bismillah the first letter of holy Qur’an explaining to us that whole the Qur’an is in it. Therefore, in the same way whole the holy book Toorah will be taken in the first letter Beit /Ba of Torah.

The holy Prophet also added that the word / Beit /Ba have two (2) Attributes in it, one is Qousein of the Ba and the other is Nuqta /Dot below the Word Ba / Beit. He also mentioned here that whole the Qur’an is in Bismillah and Allah the Rehman (Merciful) and Rahim (merciful) is also in the first word Ba, of the first word Bismillah of Qur’an. He further disclosed the hidden truth of the said Word / Beit /Ba saying:

That I am the Qousein of the Word Ba/Beit and Moula ALY (ALI-aj) is the Dot below the Word / Beit /Ba.

Now Look.A Tremendous News of the Computing Science

It has been disclosed from the latest discovery of Mathematics of Computing Science that:

“The Dot is the Creator of Literacy and numeracy”.

This means that the Dot is the supreme God (Ellohi) and He is the Supreme Creator / Ahsan-ul-Kahliqien, of everything including all the Scroll / Sahaif & holy books of God. Which were written either in Literacy or in numeracy?

Therefore, every sahifa was written through the Dot and the dot is the knower of each and everything inside the said holy books. That is why the holy Qur’an disclosed that:

“Say! Allah is sufficient as witness in between you and me, and another one (dot / Ali-aj) who have the knowledge of the book. (Qur’an 13:43).

Moula Ali Qur'an

It was also disclosed with the divine submissions of our holy Prophet and also proved through Computing Science that the above disclosed Word Dot / Nuqta was Rahman out of Rehman and Rahim.

Whereas, the remainder Rahim is for Muhammad (saww) which is also certified accordingly at Qur’an 9:128 that it was his title as well. The Dot (Nuqta) of the word Ba / beit proved as God (Ellohi) even available before the Ellohim / Allah’a in John 1:1. The following verse of Gospel / Injeil of John has disclosed the Dot saying:

John 1:2

“He was God (Ellohi) in the beginning”. (The word /Dot was before the God)

The reference above has mentioned clearly that He was the actual God even before the God. And his form of Nafs was explained as under:

Hebrew : 2-3.

“He was the King of Peace (Malik ul Salem) and /the king of Righteousness (Malik e Sadiq). He (A Priest/ Imam) was without father or mother, without genealogy, without beginning of days or end of life and a Priest (Imam) for ever”.

Qur’an disclosed the same:

A Priest for ever /Imamim Mubbin, a King of Peace / Malik al Salem, or without father and mother, without genealogy / Lam yalid valm youlad, as well as without the beginning of days and end of life / Awal and Akhir.
But unfortunately, without having knowledge of all the previous Holy Scriptures, not a single Muslim scholar of Islam get the true picture of the said guidance about this manifested Priest / Immamim Mubbin of Qur’an 36:12. He is now disclosed as the God Most High with the name ELYON (ELY / ALI-aj) in Qur’an with the help of previous Holy Scriptures.

The oneness of God in Islam Judaism or Christianity will be explained in next article of mine Inshallah.

Prof Dr. Syed Akbar Abbas Naqvi

Head of monotheistic faith,

Monotheism (Hebrew)/ Millate Ibrahim (as).