A question normally asked very often, that what is the purpose of human being to come in this world. A simple answer which is given by a Muslim school of thought is: {And We have not created you but for worshipping (to US)}.
Before worshipping to them, it was necessary to know the true direction of worship towards our true Creators (Khaliqoun). Those are disclosed as 19 True Lights in 2 groups of 7+12 (19) Nouroun Ela Nouien fron Surah Nur 24:35.
In the same perspective a question was raised “how it can be justified that the 19 Anwaar became Allah of Illahiyaat & if this is true, then why our Aa’ima not defined the same destination clearly?”

A very comprehensive answer of this question was given by Professor Dr Akbar Abbas, the Head of Monotheism (Hebew), and the well known discoverer of Addad / word 19 in last 12 hundred years of our subcontinent. He stated beautifully on this complicated question in very simple and comprehensive way by illustrating simple examples.
He said that the life of this word is an exam for us and we came in this world just like a student to qualify our exam and this earth is an examination hall for submitting our papers accordingly. We are also provided our syllabus consisting all the holy books /Sahaif including “Final Book Of Wisdom / Holy Quran”.

Every Holy book / Sahhifa was sent with its teacher our Prophets / Messengers. Even the Principal of all our heavenly school of thought was also sent down to preach us the final book of wisdom and he was our great and divine Lord of the Prophets / Messengers. With him was an excellent explanation / Ahsan Tafseer, a speaking authority, a divine guide / Imam, a mercy, and as well as a healing for the breasts of true believers.

Then there were true and divine invigilators, and instructors rose for us to guide and help to solve our question papers in this examination for every nation. The said divine instructors were also called divine witnesses over our every act manifested or hidden.
Mr. Abbas in his great submission also disclosed that all the holy books being our Syllabus has an excellent role to achieve our faith to qualify in our worldly exam and without these books no one can get success either, he is in the religion of Judaism, Christianity or Islam. He also given us a great message in his reply to the above answer that the so called scholars were preaching that there is no need of previous holy books and that were abolished for Muslims. The said saying of these scholars was proved now a word of blaspheme against the word of Lord our God and our valued syllabus. Even these foolish and impure scholars do not know the first book / Sahifa of our divine syllabus called Sahifa e Nouh (as).

Now please look a very short introduction and conclusion on these holy books and their importance in our faith / Religion of God, Ellohim / Allaha / Allah /.


When the whole universe was destroyed and the nations were drowned, except the family of Noah (as), the said Prophet was much upset and grieved on this major destruction. Then the Lord Almighty promised HZ: Noah (as), not to wiped out the sons of Noah (as) at once through Great flood in future. Hz: Noah (as) asked a sign for this promise. Then a sign was given to him and the Lord said that whenever there will be a rain and after that a seven colour’s Rainbow will appeared, then you may know that I have reminded my promise.

SAHHIFA.e.HZ: IBRAHIM (as), The 2nd BOOK OF OUR SYLLABUSHoly Quran reminds us “don’t you know what is in Sohaf-e-Moosa & Sohaf-e-Ibrahim (as)? Why the Qur’an has considered this Sahifa-e-Ibrahim (as) before the time of Prophet Moses (as) importantly and referred us to consider it?

Actually, there were 2 major issues of this holy book, the 1st is that he was blessed by His Lord ELYON (ELY-AJ) and the Lord himself appeared to Hz: Ibrahim (as) as a Great Priest /IMAM, as well as a Warrior and a mighty man. He fought for HZ: Ibrahim against his enemies & made him victorious. After winning the battle He also took 10th of his lambs being tithes (Usher /10%).

Second part of this Sahhifa is pointing to another important incident which is known in Qur’an as Zaif-e-Ibrahim, in which Lord Almighty along with 2 other lords / Imaam (Hassan & Hussain (aj) visited the tent of Hz: Ibrahim (as) and given the good news of his 2nd son and have had a Lunch with a roasted lamb and unleavened bread without yeast. Afterward a soft argument was held between him and His Lord (ELY-aj) in relation to the destruction of two cities holed by his first cousin and a Prophet Hz: Lut (as). Afterword the said 2 lords went to Hz: Lut (as) and the said prophet prostrated himself in front of these two Lords.

Another question will be raised here, that who were these Lords taking prostration from the said prophet, and what was their introduction?

KITTAAB-e-Musa known as Kitab-ul-MMAM, the 3rd BOOK OF Our SYLLABUS.

The Holy Qur’an says that:
We gave Moosa a Book which was an Imam & Rehma in which was “Tafseel-e-kuly Shayin” in it (explanation of each & everything) in fact there were Haruf -e-Muqta’at of Hebrew language in these two Alwah /stone tablets, inscribed with the finger of the Lord.
In the same resemblance our Great Prophet Muhammad (savw) came, and he was also blessed with the same kind of great Book known as an IMAM, & Rehma, as well as Kitabe Mubbin and Umul Kitab with the Arabic Hroof-e-Muqtea’at. But the difference in the two books was that now there was a speaking divine Book as an Imam, well known to every reader as Imam in Mubbin (a Manifested Imam).

Book of David ( Kitabe Munnir) ZABUR, the 4th BOOK OF OUR SYLLABUS.

The book of David was again treated a most important book of our syllabus and it was named Enlighten Book / “Kitab-e-Munir and it was strictly instructed to every mankind, that don’t dispute about Allah / Allaha / Ellohim without the knowledge and guidance of Enlighten book / Kitab-e-Munir.

And the Holy Qur’an guides us that the said divine book was revealed with the previous holy books. It was also strictly prohibited not to argue about Allah without this said enlighten book or otherwise you will be considered a student of all the shiyatien / devils.
Now being a student we were bound to get knowledge form the said enlighten book / Zabur in relation to the most important issue of Touhid, knowing of our Allah / Allaha / Ellohim for every Muslim, Christian and Jew was the only source unanimously the Book of David well known as Zabur.

The whole chain of Illahiyaat was preached and taught for every mankind as a soluble oneness of Real Lord our God with His all divine attributes of Light known as Ellohi, (Allah-ul-Eaziem) then His 2nd Command as Bra Ellohim (Allah O Akbar) and sons of ELYON (ELY –aj) known as Ellohim (Allah).

This divine Kitabe Munir has also disclosed our divine “Queen of Heaven”. And her divine sons disclosed as Syedim / Kings of Heaven and the glorious ones / Kull-e-Jllalin. The same book has disclosed the glorification/Subhan of our Queen of Heaven, called as Tasbih-e-Fatima (aj).

Another major issue Inheritance of our Lord ELY (AJ) was also disclosed in the same book and without Zabur we were unable to certify the issues of Lord’s Inheritors, the true Successors, and the Inheritors of Earth, as well as the true sons ship of our Lord’s argument of His sons / Banun based on non begotten sons ship and their overshadowed pure births.

Moreover, the dispute about the coming of remaining Attribute / Baqiyat- Allah, physically through exaltation (Zahur-e-Mahdi-aj) and will not through birth, a well known dispute in Shia and Sunni Muslims is solved in this Enlighten Book / Kitabe Munir.

The Book of ESSA (as) Gospel / INJIL, the 6th BOOK OF OUR SYLLABUS.

As the IQ for the coming nations day by day was increasing and the nations were upgraded, the holy part of Injil has also deeply provided us the certification of Illahiyat and as well as the major undisclosed issues of holy Qur’an were revealed in it. There is a complete detail available in the preaching of Prof Dr Syed Akbar Abbas in comparative study and excellent step by step discoveries of our Queen of heaven’s coming, wearing crown of 12 stars, under her feet are sun and moon also certified in Qur’an when the sun and moon will be united together. She is coming before the day of Judgment with her last son Hz: Mohsin (aj) the last remaining Inheritor of our Lord God ELY (AJ).

The said discovery is also certified and available in Enlighten Book disclosed as Zabur.
The book of Essa (as) Injil has also disclosed the truth of Jesus Christ being the non begotten son of ELY (AJ) and a child of overshadowed miraculous birth, and dozens of holy discoveries of non disclosed issues of Qur’an and Islam.

The book of Hazrat Yahya is also preached 6 months before the Christ and still not known to a single mankind except the students of our Professor Abbas.


The Holy Qur’an is a book of wisdom and the last testament of our Lord /God. He has preached this Qur’an by himself being the best explanation / Ahsan Tafseer. Therefore, the issues of previous books preached step by step needs not to submit again. It was against the wisdom itself. Our Principal of the syllabus has left the information during his submission of wisdom in Qur’an. It has been proved from his sayings called Ahadis (Ahadith). Qur’an has given us every example to understand in the syllabus.


Every student /mankind is bound to have his complete syllabus in his hand before preparation for his final exam. It is a Fundamental Truth. Therefore the Holy Quran intensifies the fact by stressing the fact that “you are not a believer if you don’t have faith (Iman) in all the holy books.

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(Professora Syeda Masooma Zahra Naqvi)



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