My elder son Syed Ali Abbas Naqvi is Martyred in a terrorist attack in Lahore

My elder son Syed Ali Abbas Naqvi have been martyred on Last Thursday in Lahore city and they have fired on him. The anti shia forces are acting against the Zurriyate Mohammad Va A’ale Muhammad (SAWW). He have left behind a widow with two sons aged 11 years and 4 years. Plz pray for his greater derjat in Paradise….May Lord keep him under His great Shelter (Ameen).


12 thoughts on “My elder son Syed Ali Abbas Naqvi is Martyred in a terrorist attack in Lahore

  1. May God grant higher status in paradise to the martyre and patience & courage to bear the loss of great son for his parents and family.
    Farhat Shah

    • bohat shukrya bhai aap sub ka mushkur houn……….ub 30th Sept 2012…………….Syed Ali Abbas ka chehlum hoga…Immambara Marium Bibi, 11-Qazilbash Road Bibi Pakdaman, Lahore

  2. A great loss in world is losing your children , My elder brother also martyr in Karachi by Sipah-e-Sahaba’s members . His name is Syed Muhammad Yahya and was only 19-years old , on 8th of Muharram 1998 . Some unknown guys kidnapped him outside the home , but did not know about the incident , when my brother not return till 1 am , we start to find him on the time of Fajr my mother went police station . Their are already 2-3 bodies of people their who are found dead on different street. One bodies is of our brother. he killed by head-shot.

    May Mola bless you and your family from the cruelty of this country .


    Syed Salman Mehdi

    • Dear Brother,
      Sallamun Allaikum, Thanks for your comments and sory for late reply…..I can feel your sorrow and in fact theis is same situation and the same way of killing to my son as it is happened to your brother…..May Lord bless him and raise his gesigantion (derja’at) in the gardn of Eden…Ameen. There is a war between the sons of Light verses the sons of darkness…….so we are lucky that we are from the Lights (Anwar). Your brother and my son is in Garden of Eden and enjoing their lovely life……. the endless life.
      Prof Dr Syed Akbar Abbas Naqvi

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