Achievements of Prof Dr. Syed Akbar Abbas Naqvi of Journalism and Illahiyat in last five years.


1. Prof Dr. Syed Akbar Abbas was married in 2005 with Prof. Syeda Masooma Z Naqvi, ( Senior Subject Specialist of English ) and a Resource person for AIOU University of Islamabad working in BPS grade 19, as well as a prominent Zakira-e-Ahlelbeit ( A S ) from last 19 years preaching in Multan, Lahore, Rawalpindi & Islamabad . Also the Administrator of this website and one of the most respectful lady of Naqvi Bokhari Sadat of Bibi Pakdaman, Lahore.

Prof Dr. Akbar was taken as a Professor for M Sc Mass Communication subjects in BPS 20, by the University of Islamabad in 2005. Regularly awards were given to him on his best teaching abilities by the said University every year. His students are in every department of Journalism either it is from Print Media or of Electronic media in all the provinces of Pakistan. Most of them are Colonel or Major in rank of Pakistan Army from ISI and Public Relations department and many others spreaded in all the provinces of Pakistan or serving in Pakistan Embassy abroad from last 5 years.

2.Honorary Appointed as an Ambassador ( Foreign Affairs & interfaith harmony) in BPS grade 21, Federal Government of Pakistan through Ministry of Interior in NPCIRH in 2008, being a recognized Scholar, a prominent Mufassir of Holy Qur’an and Sahaif as well as the only authority on “Illahiyat” for Jews, Christians and Muslims equally.

3. Awarded “National Peace Awards” ( Twice ) in year 2008 /2009 once Ceremony held in Lahore Al- hamra Art Centre, through Provincial Minister of Punjab and in Islamabad Press Club through Federal Minister of Pakistan recognizing his authority and work done being Ambassador ( Foreign Affairs & Interfaith Harmony) in NPCIRH .

4. Selected after screening of the executive body Board in BPS Grade 21 of ISI of Pakistan Army, in it’s headquarter situated in Islamabad for Media and Information ( MI) wing with Brigadier. Saqib in 2008, certifying the most efficient & excellent Professor of Post graduate Subjects in Journalism ( M Sc in Mass Communication ).

5. His recognized divinely written work on “Divine Unity / Illahiyat ” have been sent for higher study in Iran through Iranian Head of Cultural & Research Centres of Islamabad in 2009. Moreover, he is a religious head from 1999 for a new developed faith of Islam namely “Monotheism ( Hebrew)/ Millat-e-Ibrahim (AS) internationally. His students are spreaded arround the globe and every one of them has completed their “Doctorate” in divine subject of “Illahiyat” under his supervision.

Professors & Doctors like Prof Dr. Jamil Qalander ( Arabic ) of Islamic University of Islamabad or Prof Dr. Khursheed Hassan Khawar ( Arabic ) of Garden College Rawalpindi etc, are working under his supervision, Masha- Allah. His great work for divine faiths are available for Professors of Islam, Judaism and Christianity on the website at:

Prof Dr. Syed Akbar Abbas Naqvi said that there is a women behind every successful man so behind me there is my wife Prof. Syeda Masooma Zahra Naqvi, Zakira-e-Ahlelbeit- (A S ). Alhamdo – Lillah.

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