Lebanon’s Leader of Hizbullah the hero of Islam.

Shia Muslims mourn for Imam Hossein (JJ) around the world.

Pakistan ISIJ News. Shia Muslims mourn for Imam Hossein (JJ), the third Imam of Prophet Muhammad’s (SAWW) infallible household, all around the world on the day of Ashoura, the tenth day of Moharram, the first month of the Lunar calendar. On such a day in the year 61 of Lunar calendar, Imam Hussein (JJ) and 72 of his family members and friends fought against the army of Yazid bin Moaviya and were all martyred and their women and children were taken captives.

This day is a symbol of fight against cruelty and injustice by all means and devoting one’s life to lofty human values. Shia Muslims call Imam Hussein (JJ) as ‘Lord of the Martyrs’ and remember him in the days of Moharram in special ceremonies. According to INUJ reporters, this year too, Shiite (Shia) Muslims from Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Seoul, Tokyo, Amman, Ashkhabad, Algiers, Rome, Vienna, Athens, Paris, New Delhi, Moscow, London, Manchester, Dubai, Riyadh and different cities in Germany, Poland, Belgium, Denmark and the Netherlands as well as many other cities commemorated Imam Hussein’s (JJ) uprising against injustice.

Syed Hassan Nasrullah in Lebanon also appeared in a huge procession of the Shiite believers and he also lashed out on the evil forces like Israel and America. He claimed that he is still holding the heads and the bones of the bodies of the soldiers which the forces of Israel left behind. It may be noted that Jews around the world will not forget the defeat they have got first time in their history during the war between Israel vs. Lebanon’s holy warriors of Hizb-Ullah. Eeven the Israelites were having the forces beyond numbers in front of few holy fighters of the Hizbullah under the command of Syed Hassan Nasrullah the holy warrior and the hero of the Muslim world and the believers.

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