Remembrence of Imam Hussain (JJ) in Karbala Iraq.

Number of “Wahabies mischief makers” have been arrested.

KERBALA, Iraq (INUJ) – Iraqi forces imposed tight security on the city of Karbala as 2.5 million pilgrims marked the climax of a major Shi’ite rite on Saturday, even a day after gunmen attacked worshippers and police in other southern cities. Police said sporadic fighting between security forces and gunmen from a Wahabies cult called the “Soldiers of Heaven” had broken out again in the cities of Basra and Nassiriya on Saturday. There was no information on casualties. Nearly 70 people were killed and more than 100 wounded in gun battles on Friday after gunmen from the cult launched nearly simultaneous attacks in the two cities. In Karbala, pilgrims thronged streets and narrow alleyways for the end of the 10-day Ashura ritual, in which Shiites mourn the slaying over 14 centuries ago of the Prophet Mohammad’s (SAWW) grandson Imam Hussein (JJ) near the holy city. Among the pilgrims were there was hundreds of men wearing white robes, who marched through the streets striking their heads with swords to show their grief at the martyrdom of their holy Imam Hussein ( JJ).

Blood flowed down their robes. Others beat their chests to the sound of religious chants. Medics carrying first aid kits walked through the crowd, ready to staunch head wounds. Imam Hussein’s death in 680 CE, entrenched the schism between Shiite peaceful believers and Yazid & Moavih’s followers, the extremists and so called Muslims of the time. The split still sharply divides Iraq, with tens of thousands killed in sectarian fighting since the U.S-led invasion in 2003. Although violence has dropped in recent months. Officials said 25,000 Iraqi police and soldiers were deployed across Karbala, 110 km (70 miles) south of Baghdad.

The security situation in Karbala is under control,” Karbala police chief Brigadier General Raad Shaker told Reuters. Iraqi helicopters circled over Karbala while pilgrims were frisked up to 10 times before they could reach the focus of the ceremonies, The holy Imam Hussein (JJ) and Hz: Abbas’s shrines in the heart of its Old City. Crowds, including black-clad mourners flagellating themselves, jammed into a courtyard that links the two mosques. I am very happy to see these security measures, but I am afraid something may happen at any moment,” said Jaber Yusif, 43, who said he had traveled from the nearby city of Hilla. In the northern city of Kirkuk, a bomb killed two Shiite pilgrims heading to a mosque for Ashura, police said. The governor of Karbala province said more than 2.5 million people were in the city for Karbala, one of the holiest event in the Shiite Muslim religious calendar.

A statement from the prime minister’s office said a number of “Wahabies mischief makers” had been detained after they attacked Ashura processions in Basra and tried to seize a municipal building. Security officials said. Police had thwarted similar attacks in Hilla on Friday by detaining 26 “Terrorists of Wahabies. The “Soldiers of Heaven” cult was once led by a man who claimed to be the Imam Mahdi’s (JJ), force in the name of an Islamic messiah like figure. A man who said he was from the movement told Reuters in Basra their fighters had decided to attack security forces on Friday because of persecution he said the cult had suffered from these Wahabi terrorists in Iraq.

Ashura has been a target in the past from Wahabi al Qaeda militants who view Shiites, a majority in Iraq but a minority in the Muslim world, as heretics. The ritual was severely curtailed under Saddam Hussein a Wahabi Arab. Shiites have dominated politics in Iraq since his ouster. Wahabies are backed from Saudi Arabia and they are spreading the terrorism around the world. They are the worst enemies of Muhammad (SAWW) and his holy clan, following Yazid & Muawiah’s footprints those were the responsible of Karbala’s war 14 centuries ago and were recorded as mischief makers / wicked ones in the Islamic History as well as in the world history records.

Press Release. Provided by INUJ.


One thought on “Remembrence of Imam Hussain (JJ) in Karbala Iraq.

  1. it is must every mumin to remember the divine uncomparable Imam ,the leader of youth in the heaven the most loved by holy prophet Muhammad sallahu alihiwassalm,.
    Rememberance,making ziyzrath ,conducting meetings ,majlos are need of time and then only history of ISLAM will be known to the world.
    where is world without ahulul baith,oh people please think of the sacrifice of holy prophetmuhammad[pbuh],beebi khadeeja[as],beebi fathima[as]Imam Ali[as],imam[as],imamhussein[as] and ahulul bayath…….because of their sacrifice the worldis in order….
    if anybody says such rememberance are not required ,they are not human at all…..

    islam ,muslims can be united only having thje love of ahulu bayath.

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