Latest religious discovery of the day.


Holy Imam ( Guide ) holding the power of Lord.


Holy Qur’an : 41 : 31.

“We are your Chiefs in the life of this world and in the hereafter, where you will have from us whatever you desire for yourselves and therein yours shall be what ever you ask for”.

Holy Imam Hussein (JJ) was the one of our holy Chief in this world and he is the Chief in the hereafter as well. The holy father of the heavenly Chiefs our Moula and our Supreme Imam Hz : Imam Eli (JJ) introduced his holy son and the day of his Martyrdom in the following words :

Ibne Hajar writes in Sawaiq-e-Maharqah that once Imam ELI while passing through Karbala stopped at the place where Imam Hussein was going to be martyred and said :

“Here Hussein will be slain and the heavens and earth will weep over him”.

It was the real truth and the day when our holy Chief was slain though the wicked hands, the history recorded it. The Sahih Muslim and History of Caliph by Jalal -ud- din Sayyotti with the popular Hadis / History books of Sunnah Muslims had recoded that :

“When Imam Hussein was martyred in Karbala there was a rain of blood for three days and the heaven was become blooded red for six months. If a stone was moved from any where in the city of Karbala the fresh blood started to come up from the earth. It is also recoded that the heaven and the earth wept over Imam Hussain (JJ )”.

The Holy Qur’an introduced the authority of our holy Imam and in relation to his wicked enemies Yazid son of Muawih ( the cursed one ) summarized in ange that :

Qur’an 44 : 29.

“Neither did the heavens weep over them ( Yazid and Muawiah Lan’nah ) nor the earth, nor were they became Munazerien / the powerful seers.”

It is very important to know here that in the above verse of Holy Qur’an the holy Imam Hussein (JJ) was disclosed as the one out of the Munazerien ( powerful seers ) for whom the heaven and the earth wept together.

Munazir / Powerful Seer :

Now we have to understand that what is a powerful seer ? Let us see another holy verse related to the powerful seers in the holy Qur’an at :

Qur’an 38 : 89 – 83.

“ He ( Ibless / Sheytan ) said: O‘ my Lord then give me power of a seer till the day of resurrection.” The Lord said: Verily, you are of those powerful seers /Min – al- Munazerien, till the day of the time appointed. He ( Iblees Sheytan ) said: Then by your power, I will certainly abduct them all, accept those of your sincere servants.

In the above verses it was very clear that Ibless the Sheytan has demanded the power of a seer from his Lord and the Lord granted him that power. The said power which he got was also clearly mentioned that it was the power of Lord ( your power ), by which he can see from every corner hidden behind or manifested, as well as have the power to abduct every mankind from the right path at million and million places in a second.

The holy powerful seers / Munazerien of holy Qur’an like Imam Hussein ( JJ ) are the holders of Lord’s power to guide in to the right path towards the light with their holy seeds till the day of resurrection. Whereas, having the same authority power of the Lord Iblees / Sheytan abducting the mankind and leading them towards the darkness with his seed.

Therefore, there is a war between the sons of Light V/S the sons of Darkness, disclosed by the holy Teacher of the Righteousness of Qumran Community. The popular discoveries of the Dead sea Scrolls. These two kinds of seeds are called the blessed seeds of purification V/S the cursed seeds of Wickedness in the holy Qur’an at 14 : 24 – 26 and the holy Bible at Psalm ( Zabur ) 1 : 1- 4.

Be sure today is the 1st Moharram – al – Harm the holy month and the days of remembrance and mornings for our holy Imam and his sincere comrades those were Martyred with our Holy Imam by the wicked seeds.

Yours Brother in Iman,

Prof Dr. Syed Akbar Abbas.



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