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Lebanon’s Leader of Hizbullah the hero of Islam.

Shia Muslims mourn for Imam Hossein (JJ) around the world.

Pakistan ISIJ News. Shia Muslims mourn for Imam Hossein (JJ), the third Imam of Prophet Muhammad’s (SAWW) infallible household, all around the world on the day of Ashoura, the tenth day of Moharram, the first month of the Lunar calendar. On such a day in the year 61 of Lunar calendar, Imam Hussein (JJ) and 72 of his family members and friends fought against the army of Yazid bin Moaviya and were all martyred and their women and children were taken captives.

This day is a symbol of fight against cruelty and injustice by all means and devoting one’s life to lofty human values. Shia Muslims call Imam Hussein (JJ) as ‘Lord of the Martyrs’ and remember him in the days of Moharram in special ceremonies. According to INUJ reporters, this year too, Shiite (Shia) Muslims from Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Seoul, Tokyo, Amman, Ashkhabad, Algiers, Rome, Vienna, Athens, Paris, New Delhi, Moscow, London, Manchester, Dubai, Riyadh and different cities in Germany, Poland, Belgium, Denmark and the Netherlands as well as many other cities commemorated Imam Hussein’s (JJ) uprising against injustice.

Syed Hassan Nasrullah in Lebanon also appeared in a huge procession of the Shiite believers and he also lashed out on the evil forces like Israel and America. He claimed that he is still holding the heads and the bones of the bodies of the soldiers which the forces of Israel left behind. It may be noted that Jews around the world will not forget the defeat they have got first time in their history during the war between Israel vs. Lebanon’s holy warriors of Hizb-Ullah. Eeven the Israelites were having the forces beyond numbers in front of few holy fighters of the Hizbullah under the command of Syed Hassan Nasrullah the holy warrior and the hero of the Muslim world and the believers.

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Remembrence of Imam Hussain (JJ) in Karbala Iraq.

Number of “Wahabies mischief makers” have been arrested.

KERBALA, Iraq (INUJ) – Iraqi forces imposed tight security on the city of Karbala as 2.5 million pilgrims marked the climax of a major Shi’ite rite on Saturday, even a day after gunmen attacked worshippers and police in other southern cities. Police said sporadic fighting between security forces and gunmen from a Wahabies cult called the “Soldiers of Heaven” had broken out again in the cities of Basra and Nassiriya on Saturday. There was no information on casualties. Nearly 70 people were killed and more than 100 wounded in gun battles on Friday after gunmen from the cult launched nearly simultaneous attacks in the two cities. In Karbala, pilgrims thronged streets and narrow alleyways for the end of the 10-day Ashura ritual, in which Shiites mourn the slaying over 14 centuries ago of the Prophet Mohammad’s (SAWW) grandson Imam Hussein (JJ) near the holy city. Among the pilgrims were there was hundreds of men wearing white robes, who marched through the streets striking their heads with swords to show their grief at the martyrdom of their holy Imam Hussein ( JJ).

Blood flowed down their robes. Others beat their chests to the sound of religious chants. Medics carrying first aid kits walked through the crowd, ready to staunch head wounds. Imam Hussein’s death in 680 CE, entrenched the schism between Shiite peaceful believers and Yazid & Moavih’s followers, the extremists and so called Muslims of the time. The split still sharply divides Iraq, with tens of thousands killed in sectarian fighting since the U.S-led invasion in 2003. Although violence has dropped in recent months. Officials said 25,000 Iraqi police and soldiers were deployed across Karbala, 110 km (70 miles) south of Baghdad.

The security situation in Karbala is under control,” Karbala police chief Brigadier General Raad Shaker told Reuters. Iraqi helicopters circled over Karbala while pilgrims were frisked up to 10 times before they could reach the focus of the ceremonies, The holy Imam Hussein (JJ) and Hz: Abbas’s shrines in the heart of its Old City. Crowds, including black-clad mourners flagellating themselves, jammed into a courtyard that links the two mosques. I am very happy to see these security measures, but I am afraid something may happen at any moment,” said Jaber Yusif, 43, who said he had traveled from the nearby city of Hilla. In the northern city of Kirkuk, a bomb killed two Shiite pilgrims heading to a mosque for Ashura, police said. The governor of Karbala province said more than 2.5 million people were in the city for Karbala, one of the holiest event in the Shiite Muslim religious calendar.

A statement from the prime minister’s office said a number of “Wahabies mischief makers” had been detained after they attacked Ashura processions in Basra and tried to seize a municipal building. Security officials said. Police had thwarted similar attacks in Hilla on Friday by detaining 26 “Terrorists of Wahabies. The “Soldiers of Heaven” cult was once led by a man who claimed to be the Imam Mahdi’s (JJ), force in the name of an Islamic messiah like figure. A man who said he was from the movement told Reuters in Basra their fighters had decided to attack security forces on Friday because of persecution he said the cult had suffered from these Wahabi terrorists in Iraq.

Ashura has been a target in the past from Wahabi al Qaeda militants who view Shiites, a majority in Iraq but a minority in the Muslim world, as heretics. The ritual was severely curtailed under Saddam Hussein a Wahabi Arab. Shiites have dominated politics in Iraq since his ouster. Wahabies are backed from Saudi Arabia and they are spreading the terrorism around the world. They are the worst enemies of Muhammad (SAWW) and his holy clan, following Yazid & Muawiah’s footprints those were the responsible of Karbala’s war 14 centuries ago and were recorded as mischief makers / wicked ones in the Islamic History as well as in the world history records.

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The holy Queen of Heaven discovery of the day.

EL- Fatimah ( SA ) the blessed & divine one.

Hadis -e- Qudsi :

“Allah revealed to Prophet Muhammad that he created the universe for him and because of him. He later told him that Muhammad himself was created because of Ali and both because of Fatima”.

Moulana Jelal-ud-din Rumi said :

“Woman is a beam of the divine Light. She is not the being whom sensual desires takes as its object. She is Creator, it should be said. She is not a creature. Great Fatima tul Zehra ( Means of Fatimah the Radiant, Brightest Star, Star of Venus & the Evening Star), the daughter of the Prophet, is the secret in Sufism. She is the Hujjat of Eli ( JJ ). In other words, she establishes the esoteric sense of his knowledge and guides those who attain to it.

Through her perfume, we breathe paradise. Though she was his daughter, the Prophet Muhammad ( SAWW ) called her “Um Abi’ha” ( mother of her father ). What mystery was the Prophet hinting at by this statement? While El : Fatimah Zahra ( Salam -ullah – alleha ) was Muhammad’s ( SAWW ) daughter. The spiritual EL : Fatimah -el-Batool ( the divine virgin) her house is the living Ka’ba.

Allama Majlesi of Iran said :

“She is called Zahra, the radiant one, a universal motif and a characteristic of all saints. She is also called EL : Batul, means “divine virgin”. She is the Queen of Enn‘as, she is the Queen of Heaven. She is the first woman who entered the paradise and all those who accompany her and have prayed to her, will also enter paradise and their sins will be forgiven. She is their Savior and Protector. She is a Mohadisa, revealing the holy sayings. She is the one who talks and is in contact with Angles. In fact Angles are at her service.

Archangel Gabriel representing the Holy Ghost praises her at her incredible wedding in heaven. She is pure ( Tahereh & Mutaheera ) and also provide purity. She is a sinless and becomes one of the 14 innocents and as well as one of the holy five ( Panjtan Pak ). She is made pre-existence and almost immortal. The holy five were created from divine rays of light even before the beginning of the time. She sobs and mourns over her beloved son’s slain body as a distressed mother and is present at all the passion plays even though she had died fifty years earlier before the tragedy of Karbala. The long gone ancient Prophets sympathize and angles cry with her.

Yet at another level she is the fighter and the defender of the true faith and justice. After her fathers’ death the power struggle starts, her family representing the true faith, the pure and the holy blood is pushed aside. It is her speech that stirs, accuses and reveals all that is wrong and how deviations will happen with the greedy leaders who will change the course of Islam for ever and for worse.

At the domestic level she is the loyal daughter, the devoted wife, the caring mother and a symbol of endurance. Such themes have been used for centuries to project her image as that of the ideal Muslim woman. The one who will not hesitate to sacrifice all including herself for the sake of her family and the true fate.


“Fatima is the cause of creation, she is a life giver”.

This is practically saying that a male sovereign God (Allah) created all for the sake of a female deity who is the source of all life ( Shajra-e- Khuld )

Introduction of EL:Fatimah (SA) the holy Queen of Heaven from the part of holy verses ( Aya’at ) of the Bible. Holy Prophet of the past Hz : Solemn (AS) praised her in wisdom & said :

Proverbs : 3 : 15 – 19.



She is more precious than rubies;

Nothing you desire can compare with her. Long life ( Immortals ) is in her right hand; In her left hand are riches ( Ghanaian ) and honor ( El: Azmah ) her ways are pleasant ways and all her paths are peace ( Sablul Salem of Qur‘an). She is a Tree of Life ( Shajrah Khuld of holy Qur‘an), to those who embrace her, those who lay hold of her will be blessed.

Song of Songs ( Sadaha Syedim /Sadat ) 6 : 7 – 10.

Sixty queens there maybe, And eighty concubines, and virgins beyond number : But my dove { Fatima (SA) } my perfect one is Unique. The only daughter of her mother ( Khadija-ul-Kubra ). The favorite of the one who bore her. The maidens saw her and called her blessed,

The queens and concubines praised (Sub’ han of ) her.

Prophet of the past Hz : Daud / David (AS) introduced Mohammed (SAWW) as holy and Divine calling him Ellohim and then in the same way briefly highlighted to Hz: Fatimah (SA) not only the Queen of Heaven but also the Foundation of Sadat and the one who will be praised ( Sub’han) for ever and ever, through the holy Aya’at of Zabur as under:

Psalm 45 : 9- 16.

(O ’Muhammed SAWW ) Daughters of the Kings ( Bibi Shehr Bano ) are among your honored women;

at your right hand is the Queen ( of heaven ) a Royal bride, in gold of Ophir. Listen O’ daughter ( EL:Fatimah ) , consider and give ear, Forget your people and your father’s house. The King is enthralled by your beauty, Prostrate (Sajdah) Him for He is your LORD. The daughter of Tier will come with a gift, Men of wealth will seek your favor. All the Glorious ones (Qule Jalalien) are the princes / Syedim (Sadat) within her chamber, her gown is interwoven with gold. In embroidered garments she is led to the King.

Her virgin companions follow her, and are brought to you ( O‘ Muhammed SAWW ). They are led in with Joy and gladness. They enter the palace of the King / Malik ( ELYON / ELI, JJ ). Your sons ( O’ EL : Fatimah ) will take the place of your father ( Muhammed SAWW ).

You will make them Prices / Syedim ( Sada‘at ) throughout the land. I (the LORD ELI, JJ ) will perpetuate your memory through all generations. Therefore, the nations will praise you ( with your Sub’han by Tasbih -e- Fatimah ) for ever and ever.

Imam Eli (JJ) said:

Do not talk about knowledge with the foolish so that they deny you, nor with the ignorant so that they find you oppressive, but talk about it with those of its people whom you meet who will accept it and understand it.

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Syeda Masooma Zahra Naqvi.



Difference between the Miracles ( Moajza ) and a Magic.

A Religious Article & Miracles of holy Imam.

Allah has made laws for all his creation. These laws can be divided into two types. First, there are those laws which no one can change. These are sometimes called the laws of nature. For example, the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. The character of water is to cool and that of fire is to burn. No one can bring the dead back from death; these are but a few examples of the laws of nature.

Then there are the laws of Allah which are in the hands of man and they can change them against the will of Allah. For example, the law of Allah forbids to have relationship with another man as if he was a woman. (This act was very common with the people who lived during the times of Nabi Loot) But man can change this law, though by doing so he commits a sin. Miracle is said to have taken place when a law of nature, which in normal conditions cannot be changed, is indeed changed. 

 For example, the Qur’an tells us of the miracles of Nabi Isa (A.S). He was born without his mother having any relationship with a man. Again, when he was born, he started talking, telling people that he was a Prophet with a book from Allah. Or that he made the dead return to life. These acts are not normal and they are called miracles or “Mojiza”. Miracles take place only when Allah wishes and He does so for very special reasons. The main reason is that: Allah wants to prove his existence. The Prophets and 12 Imams show miracles only when Allah wishes them to do so.

For example, Nabi Musa could turn his stick into a snake, to show that he had this power given to him by Allah. Another good example of miracle is that Our Prophet, Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.WW), split the moon into two parts to prove to the “Kuffar” of Mecca that he was a true Messenger of Allah. Besides the Prophet (S.A.W.W), the other 13 Masoomin (That is Hazrat Fatima and our 12 Imams) also did show miracles when it was necessary to do so and when Allah wished them to do so. Before I give examples of the miracles that Imam Zainul Abidin showed, I shall explain the difference between a miracle and magic.

Whereas a miracle is the work of the men of Allah, magic is the work of Sheytan or only a trick performed so cleverly that for sometime we see a change in natural laws. For example, in the Qur’an we are told that Firawn (Pharo) called magicians who could turn threads into snakes. The difference between magic and miracle is the same as the difference. between the snakes of magicians and that of Nabi Musa. The magician’s snakes were not real, the one of Nabi Musa was. As a result, the magician’s snakes only appeared like snakes and therefore could do no harm or even fight with Nabi Musa’s ( Moses ) snake which swallowed the threads of the magicians. The threads disappeared for good.


Several miracles were shown by the Imam (A.S) but we shall look at only two of them.


After the martyrdom of Imam Husain (A.S), the army of Yezid cut-off the heads of all the martyrs of Kerbala and removed them from their bodies. Then they left those bodies without burying them. They did not allow Imam Zainul Abidin (A.S) to bury these martyrs. Instead, they took him a prisoner to Kufa. After the army of Yezid had left for Kufa, the tribe of Bani Asad, who lived in the neighborhood of Kerbala, came to bury the martyrs. Since there was no way by which they could know whose body belonged to whom, they were worried.

Suddenly, they saw a man on a horse coming in their direction. Fearing that this could be a spy of Yezid coming to check on them, the Bani Asad went into hiding. The man came where they were hiding and called them to come out. He told them that he was Ali Ibn Husain (A.S) and had come through miracle from Kufa to help them identify and bury the martyrs. In this way Imam Zainul Abidin (A.S) buried the martyrs and his father where they lie buried today.

His coming to Kerbala was very important for two reasons. Firstly, an Imam from Allah has to be given the burial services, when he dies, by the Imam who takes over from him. No one could give the burial services to Imam Husain (A.S) except him. But he was miles away and in chains as a prisoner of Ibn Ziyad in Kufa. He therefore came to Kerbala by miracle. Secondly only he knew who was who. Otherwise, we would never know who was buried where the way we know today.


After the martyrdom of Imam Husain (A.S) and after Imam Zainul Abidin (A.S) had returned to Medina, some people began to consider Hazrat Muhammad Hanafiya as their Imam. Hazrat Muhammad Hanafiya was Imam Husain’s younger brother He was very pious and had not himself said that he was Imam. Only some misguided people began to consider him as their Imam. It became necessary to remove this misunderstanding. Therefore, Imam (A.S) and his uncle, Muhammad Hanafiya decided to go together to where “Hajar Aswad” (The black stone near Ka’aba) was. At first, Hazrat Muhammad Hanafiya addressed the Hajar asking it to confirm who the Imam was. But there was no reply.

Then Imam Zainul Abidin (A.S) addressed the Hajar. Aloud and clear voice came from “Hajar Aswad” saluting the Imam by his full name and confirming that he and he alone was the Imam of the time. Let it be remembered that Hazrat Muhammad Hanafiya himselfhad never claimed to be Imam. He fully supported Imam Zainul Abidin (A.S) but he addressed Hajar Aswad only to let the misguided people see for themselves that he was not an Imam.

Syeda Masooma Naqvi.

Latest religious discovery of the day.


Holy Imam ( Guide ) holding the power of Lord.


Holy Qur’an : 41 : 31.

“We are your Chiefs in the life of this world and in the hereafter, where you will have from us whatever you desire for yourselves and therein yours shall be what ever you ask for”.

Holy Imam Hussein (JJ) was the one of our holy Chief in this world and he is the Chief in the hereafter as well. The holy father of the heavenly Chiefs our Moula and our Supreme Imam Hz : Imam Eli (JJ) introduced his holy son and the day of his Martyrdom in the following words :

Ibne Hajar writes in Sawaiq-e-Maharqah that once Imam ELI while passing through Karbala stopped at the place where Imam Hussein was going to be martyred and said :

“Here Hussein will be slain and the heavens and earth will weep over him”.

It was the real truth and the day when our holy Chief was slain though the wicked hands, the history recorded it. The Sahih Muslim and History of Caliph by Jalal -ud- din Sayyotti with the popular Hadis / History books of Sunnah Muslims had recoded that :

“When Imam Hussein was martyred in Karbala there was a rain of blood for three days and the heaven was become blooded red for six months. If a stone was moved from any where in the city of Karbala the fresh blood started to come up from the earth. It is also recoded that the heaven and the earth wept over Imam Hussain (JJ )”.

The Holy Qur’an introduced the authority of our holy Imam and in relation to his wicked enemies Yazid son of Muawih ( the cursed one ) summarized in ange that :

Qur’an 44 : 29.

“Neither did the heavens weep over them ( Yazid and Muawiah Lan’nah ) nor the earth, nor were they became Munazerien / the powerful seers.”

It is very important to know here that in the above verse of Holy Qur’an the holy Imam Hussein (JJ) was disclosed as the one out of the Munazerien ( powerful seers ) for whom the heaven and the earth wept together.

Munazir / Powerful Seer :

Now we have to understand that what is a powerful seer ? Let us see another holy verse related to the powerful seers in the holy Qur’an at :

Qur’an 38 : 89 – 83.

“ He ( Ibless / Sheytan ) said: O‘ my Lord then give me power of a seer till the day of resurrection.” The Lord said: Verily, you are of those powerful seers /Min – al- Munazerien, till the day of the time appointed. He ( Iblees Sheytan ) said: Then by your power, I will certainly abduct them all, accept those of your sincere servants.

In the above verses it was very clear that Ibless the Sheytan has demanded the power of a seer from his Lord and the Lord granted him that power. The said power which he got was also clearly mentioned that it was the power of Lord ( your power ), by which he can see from every corner hidden behind or manifested, as well as have the power to abduct every mankind from the right path at million and million places in a second.

The holy powerful seers / Munazerien of holy Qur’an like Imam Hussein ( JJ ) are the holders of Lord’s power to guide in to the right path towards the light with their holy seeds till the day of resurrection. Whereas, having the same authority power of the Lord Iblees / Sheytan abducting the mankind and leading them towards the darkness with his seed.

Therefore, there is a war between the sons of Light V/S the sons of Darkness, disclosed by the holy Teacher of the Righteousness of Qumran Community. The popular discoveries of the Dead sea Scrolls. These two kinds of seeds are called the blessed seeds of purification V/S the cursed seeds of Wickedness in the holy Qur’an at 14 : 24 – 26 and the holy Bible at Psalm ( Zabur ) 1 : 1- 4.

Be sure today is the 1st Moharram – al – Harm the holy month and the days of remembrance and mornings for our holy Imam and his sincere comrades those were Martyred with our Holy Imam by the wicked seeds.

Yours Brother in Iman,

Prof Dr. Syed Akbar Abbas.