Introduction of Sadat.

Heavenly Royal Blood.

Zabur ( Psalm ) 45 : 16.

“Your sons ( O’ Fatimah S.A ) will take the place of your father, whom you shall make Syedim ( a Plural in form of Syed in Hebrew ) Princes in all the earth”.

It was an introduction of our Foundation of Sadat in the holy verses of Zabur / Psalm introduced by Hz: Daud / David ( A.S ). After that it was our holy Prophet Hz:Yahya (A.S) / John the Baptist, who was a Syed and of the Purified Seed / Zuriyaten Tayyibatun, which was given from the heavenly holy seed of the Lord Himself. ( Qur’an 3 : 38-39 ). It is alos important here to note that the father and the mother of Hz: Yahya ( A.S ) was not the Syed in seed but the son was syed cause he was from the direct seed of our Lord / “min Ludunka” ( out of the Lord see at Qur‘an 3 : 38 ). Therefore, our Lord Himself has been called “Syed -ul-Sadate”. The holy Qur’an has also referred these holy and heavenly royal seed being the “seeds of purification” and as well as the holy “purified words” saying, ” Ka-Shajratien Tayyabatien Va Kalematien Tayyabatien at Qur’an 14 : 24.

Whereas, the enemies of these holy and heavenly royal seed / Sadat, were also named as “wicked seeds” and as well as the “wicked words” saying, “Ka-Shajratien Khabisatien Va Kalematien Khabisatien at Qur’an 14 : 26.

That’s why the latest discoveries of the Dead Sea Scrolls have clearly mentioned that the owner of these holy Scrolls were the Shuddai Party { Deep loving ones / Shia’an-e-Eli (JJ )}. They were known as the “Sons of Light” and opposing to them were the Jews and they were the “Sons of Darkness”.

You may also know that these sons of Light ( Bin-e-Anwar) were also introduced in the New Testament of the Bible as under:

James 1 : 17.

“ Every good and purified / perfect gift is from above, coming down ( by nazool ) from the Father of the heavenly Lights / Abi-ul-Anwar ( Immam -e-Eli, J.J )”.

Therefore the heavenly Lights are his sons, and they are the real Inheritors / arisoun of the holy Qur’an 15 : 23. For further details of these holy ones, and their real introduction, you may read the holy and divine 19 lessons of “Ayat-ullah Prof Dr. Syed Akbar Abbas Bokhari, the most intellectual and spiritual authority in Illahiyat / Divine Unity and in Comparative Study of Theology, of the time, in his website of Millate Ibrahim ( A.S ) / called Monotheism Hebrew in world religion at:

Zakira -e- Ahlel-be’eit,

Prof Mrs. Syeda Masooma Zahra Naqvi.


46 thoughts on “Introduction of Sadat.

  1. Thanks for this beautiful effort. It is very important to unite and update with holy introduction of Sadat. I have been asked to explain further on the said holy introduction being a Scholar /Mufasir of the holy scriptures of Qur‘an and Bible.

    Please remember ! when the holy Prophet Hz: Zechariah ( AS ) prayed to the Lord demanding a holy son from the heavenly purified seed of the Lord Himself ( Min Ludneka Qur’an 19 : 5 and also Tayyub Zuryyat at Qur’an 3 : 38 ). The Lord ELY (J.J ) fulfilled his dua and bestowed him a special son named Yahya ( John the Baptist ). Being the holy & divine seed of the heavenly Royal Family, he was then introduced first and last time in the holy verses of Qur’an as a “Syed” at Qur‘an 3 : 39.

    Therefore, he was the one who baptized Hz: Essa ( A.S ) at the bank of the river Jordan and authorized him to Baptized his Apostles. Therefore, Hz: Essa ( A.S ) introduced Hz: Yahya ( A.S ) higher in rank than him in the verses of New Testament of the Bible.

    Please remember that due to heavenly royal and divine seed “Syed” Hz: Yahyah ( A.S ) was deputed by the Lord Himself to baptize Hz: Essa ( A.S ).

    Being a Syed and of divine seed he was given a special Salam on him saying:

    “Peace be on him the day he was born, and the day he dies and the day he shall be raised up alive.” ( Qur’an 19 : 15 ).

    May our Lord ELY (J.J ) keep you all under His Great Mercy ( Rehma ) and divine Grace ( Fazal ).

    With best wishes.
    Yours brother in Iman,
    Prof. Dr.( Rev ) S. A. Abbas Naqvi.

      • Salamun Alaikum. Thanks for your comments on this web. I am not a Christian but a Muffasir / Scholar of Islam, but have valued study in all the previous Sahaif of Hebrew and Injeel in Syryani ( Syriac Peshitta / old Arabic) including deep study of holy Qur’an. You can have my 19 divine lessons on for detailed information on this subject. Elijah in Hebrew is Elya which is the name of our Rab-ul-Ealimein in the “law of heaven” according to the holy Sahifa of Hz: Daniyal ( AS) Chapter 4 : 26. The Hebrew word Elya is ELY ( JJ) in Arabic. Which is referred to our Moula ELY ( JJ ) the great.

  2. i m syed bukhari naqvi
    my shajra start from jalal pur peer wlal
    branch starts from
    the grand son of hazrat SYED JALAL-UD-DIN BUKHARI Uchh shareef
    i m living at Rahim Yar Khan there is a family called QURESHI HASHMI.
    they claimed that they belonged to HAZARAT ALI (AS) family
    what is a difference between syed & qureshi Hashmi?

    • Salam

      their was a big tribe namely Quresh and our Prophet PBUH was a member of its great branch of Banu Hashim, so all the syeds are Hashmi Qureshi.

      Now after Claimof of Nabuwat un Nabi, we proud to tell the peoples that we are closer to the Prophets PBUH.
      see the Holy Prophet was Syed ul anbia and Mursalee,
      Syena Ali was syed ul aulia
      Syed Fatima was syeda tul Nisa e ahlaj Janna
      And Imaman Husnain al Karimain are Syed Shabab ahlal Janna and so their progeny is called the Syed mean they are the sons of Sardar ( Leaders) of din and Dunya

  3. I had been trying to get any reply from your side for the last 2 years…..please tell me how to contact you for more details on
    Naqvi shijra……is there any one on this web site who can help me.

  4. dear all i need shujra for bukhari syed,s from where can i get
    thanks , you may call me on 00971 50 5696806o
    haider ali shah

    • If you are from Naqvi Bukhari then you can have the Shijra from us. But you have to send us detailed family tree / short shijra of your family for verfication in this regard.


  5. Respected Elijah,

    My name is Syed Muhammad Ali Naqvi And i,m liveing in Dubai Oraginaly from Rawalpindi.We have shajra of our naqvi sadaat but there some trees are missing i,m writing you link from down to up our family tree if you have shajra please send me i,ll be very thanks full to you.I,m starting from myself.
    Muhammad Ali bin Jarrar Hussain bin Syed Chan peer naqvi bin Ali Akbar Shah bin Hassan Shah

    Please find from Syed Hassan Shah if you need i,ll send you more details.i,m writeing you email it will be great if you have or anybody have shajra of naqvi bukhari sadaat please email me.thanks

    • We can provide you a copy but please send us more informations of your family tree. So we can verify it from record. The copies are only provided when we satisfied from our record. Thanks for your contact and sorry for late submission as we all were buissy in Flood Relief Camps.

      • Respected
        AoA, it looks nice to read your mails. and facilitation for Naqvi Sadat. I just want to know about the Pakistan level family networking, if any? I belong to Haveli Azad Kashmir and our other family members are in Kotli Fagosh, and Kariri , Bara Mulla in Occupied Kashmir ( Murad Abad)

        Waiting for your response

        Syed Aftab H Bukhari

  6. immediately contact mr riaz asif,he’s printing the combined directory of shajra e nasabs of all naqvis by the name of gulzar e naqi 0334-4397715

  7. Naqvi sadaat of Dakoha, Jalandhar are gladly informed that an epitaph had been fixed on the mazar of Syed Miraan Khas (Syed Khairuddin Tirmizi) near to Ramamandi, Jalandhar Cantt. This mazar is in a restricted area of Indian army and looked after well by some devotees. Also epitaphs had been fixed on graves of my Dada ji (Syed Said Munnawar) and Perdadaji (syed Najmmuddin) of Dakoha…..graves are well looked after by devotees.
    For more detail, pls. email me.

  8. How are you today, I hope All is well with you .I am sorry to worry you with my Proposal for a relationship with you, but I know that you will grant my request in good sense and understanding, My name is Miss Safiya Habib, i will also like to

    know more about you. i’m hoping to hear from you soon so that I can send you more details about my self Including my picture. I believe we can move from here. Bear in mind that friendship and Love has no colors barrier, no educational back ground barrier, no socio-economic Barrier, religious, language, nationality or distance barrier, the only important Thing there is love..

    get back to me here E Mail

    YOURS Sincerely..
    Hoping to hear from you soon,
    Yours in Love
    Miss Safiya Habib,

    • Salamun alaikum,
      Thanks for your submission. Introduction of sadat was published by me. I am Syeda Masooma z Naqvi from Islamabad and you can contact through Email: and later I’ll send you my cell no for further convesation.
      Syeda Masooma Z Naqvi

  9. Dear Readers
    Please tell me what is so special about Saadat. I do not find any specialty in syeds i met in my life. With due apology some time i find them worst then a normal Muslim. Can any body explain why we consider so called saadat better then any Muslim. Is there any authenticated Hadees.

    • Abdullah you may read the above reply in reply to “Right Way” and it very clear that you don’t have any knowledge of holy Qur’an / Zabur. The holy scriptures are available for the seekers of truth.

      • My dear Holy quran is not the property of any human being. Quran address all the humans there are so many ayats that beings with : Ya-Ahyu Han NNAS ……….. I know quran more than u do……………. But i don not like so called sadats they even don’t know how to pray properly.

  10. Salam,

    My name is Syed Riaz Ali Shah Bukhari s/o Sye Mohammad Shah s/o Syed Shah Hussain s/o Syed Jaffer Shah s/o (syed Samundar Shah from Shamsabad Attock). I belong to village Burhan Tehsil Hassan Abdal, Distt Attock. Unfortunately we lost our Family Tree. Any help to find it will highly be appreciated.

    with best wishes

  11. a.o.a.
    Kindly keep this important point in mind that there are more than 50 percent families who said themselves naqvi/bukhari sadat in Pakistan are not real syeds. Kindly do not supply shajra of naqvi saadat in pakistan to every one who calls himself/herself naqvi syed and contacts you. H/She will include his/her shajra from any ancestor for his/her solid proof to show people that he/she is real syed.

  12. Assalamu alaikum,i am idrus bin salwar mustofa bin fekhir muhammad bin yaseen bin abdulloh bin muhammad ghulam from indonesia,but my grand father from pakistan,and i dont know yet exacly where is my grand father came.maybe here some one should to give me some information about it’s
    My whatsapp +6285846882944

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