Mr. Bokhari’s Family Tree of Naqvi Sadat.

Prof Dr. Syed Akbar Abbas Bokhari’s family Tree.

Short Shijrah / Family Tree:

This Shijrah Family Tree was published in the book namely “History of Glorious Ones” ( Tarikh-e-Jalalia ) . Published by Syed Bashir Hussain Bokhari ( Shaheed ) on 30th April 1975 from Sargodha-Pakistan.

My family introduction from it’s Page 86 ( Tarikh e Jallalia) being the gran grand son of popular Saint of Lahore Syed Miran Muhammad Shah (Urf Mouj Darya Bokhari), burred at Old Anarkali, Lahore. He was the grand, grand son of Popular Saints of Uch Sharif, Hz: Syed Jallal-ud-Din Bokhari known as Surkh Posh and his grand gran son and another popular Saint Hz: Syed Jallal-ud Din Bokhari, known as Makhdum of Jahanian, (Jahan Gasht / miraculous tourist of the world) District, Multan:

Syed Mazhar Ali Shah Bukhari Son of Syed Ghulam Hussain Bukhari was having three sons namely:

Syed Ahmed Ali Shah Bukhari, Syed Murawat Ali Shah Bukhari, Syed Muhammad Ali Shah Bukhari.

Then Syed Murawat Ali Shah Bukhari was having one Son namely :

Syed Enayat Ali Shah Bukhari and he holds 4 Sons namely:

Syed Amjad Hussain Shah Bukhari, Syed Mazhar Ali Shah Bukhari, Syed Munawar Hussain Shah Bukhari and Syed Mukhtar Hussain Shah Bukhari.

They are the descendent of Hz: Syed Talla’a Zinda Noori ( RA ) and spreaded in Battala the old city of India, through the grand grand father Syed Imam Shah Bukhari. Also called the descendents of popular Soofi Hz: Syed Mohammed Shah called as Mouj Darya Bukhari of Lahore.

They are seven Brothers and four Sisters from Syed Amjad Hussain Shah Bukhari son of Syed Enayat Ali Shah Bukhari recorded at page 86 of Tarikh-e-Jalalia the said book of our Family Tree.

Mr. Syed Amjad Hussain Bokhari & Mrs Syeda Muzamil Fatimah Bukhari had 7 sons and 4 sisters namely:

1st. ( Late ) Syed Riffat Abbas Shah Bukhari,

2nd. Syed Raza Abbas Shah Bukhari,

3rd. ( Late ) Syed Muhammed Abbas Shah Bukhari,

4th. ( Late ) Syed Asgher Abbas Shah Bukhari,

5th. Prof Dr. Syed Akbar Abbas Shah Bukhari.

6th. Syed Abid Abbas Shah Bukhari and

7th. Syed Hadi Abbas Shah Bukhari.


I. Mrs. Syeda Mudasar Sajjad Bukhari,

2. Mrs. Syeda Anjuman Aftab Bukhari,

3. Mrs. Syeda Yasmin Haider Bukhari,

4. Mrs. Syeda Norien Haider Bukhari.

Names of the Sons of Prof Dr. Syed Akbar Abbas Shah Bokhari:

Syed Ali Abbas Shah Bukhari .

Syed Hassan Abbas Shah Bukhari

The names of the 2 grand sons from Syed Ali Abbas Shah Bokhari (Martyred) are as under:

Syed Elya Abbas Shah Bukhari,

Syed Yahya Abbas Shah Bukhari.

Wass -Sallam,

Administrator of the site:

Prof Dr. Syed Akbar Abbas Naqvi Bokhari.



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    • Bukhari, a family name, is derived from his birthplace, Bukhara, in modern Uzbekistan.[1] Bukhari is a Sayyid, a male who is a descendant of Muhammad. Bukhari’s ancestors were Muhammad’s grandsons, Hasan ibn Ali and Husayn ibn Ali. Bukhari was born Jalaluddin (Abu Ahmed (ابواحمد) in Arabic). However, he has a number of names and titles. He is known as Jalal Ganj; Mir Surkh (Leader Surkh); Sharrif ullah (Sharrif of Allah); Mir Buzurg (Leader Buzurg); Makhdum-ul-Azam; Jalal Akbar; Azim ullah (Azim of Allah); Sher Shah (founder); Jalal Azam and Surkh-Posh Bukhari.[2] With formal honorifics, Bukhari is known as Sayyid Jalaluddin; Mir Surkh Bukhari; Shah Mir Surkh-Posh of Bukhara; Pir Jalaluddin Qutub-al-Aqtab; Sayyid Jalal and Sher Shah Sayyid Jalal. Bukhari was known as Surkh-posh (“clad in red”) because he often wore a red mantle.
      Bukhara old town, 2012

      Bukhari was born on Friday, the fifth day of the twelfth month (Dhu al-Hijjah) of the year 595 AH in Bukhara, in present-day Uzbekistan. The Bukharis were a prominent Muslim family in India at the time of the Turkish dynasties (for example, the Tughlaq and the Mamluk dynasty of Delhi). Bukhari was the son of Syed Ali Al-Moeed and the grandson of Syed Ja’far Muhammed Hussain.[2] Bukhari’s early education was provided by his father. He was later influenced by Abu Hafs Umar al-Suhrawardi.[3]
      Fatima (first wife)

      Bukhari’s first wife was Syeda Fatima, daughter of Syed Qasim. Bukhari and Fatima had two children, Ali and Ja’far. In 635 AH, after Fatima’s death, Bukhari moved with his two sons from Bukhara to Bhakkar.[4] Ali and Ja’far are buried in Bukhara.
      Zohra (second wife)

      In Bhakkar, Bukhari married Bibi Táhirih (Zohra), daughter of Badruddin (Badar-u-Din) Bhakkari, the grandson of Sayyid Muhammad Al-Makki. Zohra and Bukhari had two sons: Sadaruddin Mohammed Ghaus (who moved to the Punjab) and Bahauddin Mohamed Masoom. Their descendants live in and around Thatta, Uch (Deogarh) and Lahore. A daughter of Sadaruddin Mohammed Ghaus married Jahaniyan Jahangasht.[2]
      Bibi Fatima Habiba Saeeda (third wife)

      After Zohra’s death, Bukhari married the second daughter of Badruddin Bhakkari, Bibi Fatima Habiba Saeeda. They had a son, Syed Ahmed Kabir (Ahmed Kabir), who was the father of Jahaniyan Jahangasht and Makhdoom Sadruddin.[2]
      Life’s work

      Bukhari’s life was spent travelling. As an Islamic missionary, he converted tribes such as the Soomro, Samma, Chadhar, Sial, Daher and the Warar. Bukhari was one of the Chaar Yaar (not to be confused with the Rashidun). The Chaar Yaar were the group of pioneers of the Suhrawardiyya Sufi and Chisti movements of the 13th century. Bukhari founded the “Jalali” section of the Suhrawardiyya order of Sufi. He converted the Samma, the Sial, the Chadhar, the Daher and the Warar tribes of the Southern Punjab and Sindh. Some of his followers (mureed) spread to Gujarat. The mureed included Bukhari’s grandson, Jahaniyan Jahangasht (d. 1384 CE) who visited Mecca 36 times. Other mureed included Abu Muhammad Abdullah (Burhanuddin Qutb-e-Alam) (d. 1453 CE) and Shah e Alam (d. 1475 CE). In 1134 CE, the Sial followers of Bukhari settled in the community that is now Jhang. In the late 17th century, the settlement was washed away. Bukhari’s descendent, Mehboob Alam Naqvi-ul Bukrari Al-Maroof Shah Jewna, encouraged the followers to resettle the area. Many of Bukhari’s disciples are buried in Banbhore and Makli Hill near Thatta.
      Legendary meetings
      Genghis Khan

      Bukhari had a legendary meeting with Genghis Khan. Bukhari tried to convert Genghis Khann to Islam and encouraged him to spare innocent people from death. Genghis Khan was enraged by this bold act and ordered that Bukhari be burnt alive but the fire became a rose bush. When Genghis Khan saw the miracle, his attitude towards Muslims softened.[citation needed].

      Khan offered Bakhari his daughter’s hand in marriage. At first, Bukhari refused; then, a divine voice told him his descendants would be Qutbs (saints) throughout the world. Sayyid families of the Punjab, Sindh, the United Provinces (Uttar Pradesh), Kachchh and Hyderabad Deccan claim to be descendants of Chengiz Khan and Bukharif.[citation needed]
      Sultan of Delhi

      In 642 AH, when Bukhari had begun his missionary work in Uch, he was visited by Nasiruddin Mahmud of the Delhi Sultanate.
      Shah Daulah Shahid

      Shah Daulah Shahid, is a Muslim saint who is buried in Bengal. In Bukhara, Bukhari presented Saint Daulah with a pair of gray pigeons. From Bukhara, Saint Daulah travelled to Bengal where he battled and was killed by the Hindu king of Shahzadpur.[5]

      One of Bukhari’s female disciples was Lalleshwari (Lal Ded) (d. 1400 CE, Bijbehara). She met Jahaniyan Jahangasht, a descendant of Bukhari and embraced Islam at his hands. She travelled in Kashmir with him. Lalla was a teacher of Nuruddin Nurani who is considered by the Kashmiris, both Hindus as well as Muslims, as the patron saint of Kashmir.[6]

    • Hazrat Syed Jalaluddin Surkh-Posh Bukhari
      also called Sayyed Jalaluddin Bukhari as well as Shah Mir Surkh-Posh of Bukhara (c. 1192-1291 AD) and also Pir Jalaluddin Qutub-al-Aqtab Makhdoom-e-Jahanian Jahan Gusht was a prominent “Suhrawardiyya” Sufi Saint and revered missionary. Hazrat Syed Jalaluddin Bukhari was called Surkh-posh (“Red-clad”) on account of the red mantle he often wore. His name was Hassan Jalaluddin, while Jalal Azam and Mir Surkh (Surkh-Posh) Bukhari were his titles. He was also known as Jalal Ganj. He was born on Friday, 5th Zilhaj 595 Hijri in Bukhara, present-day Uzbekistan. He was the son of Syed Ali Al-Moeed and grandson of Syed Ja’far Hussain. He got his early education in Bukhara under the supervision and guidance of his father. He completed his education in his seventh year and is known to have performed several miracles even in childhood. 1,500 learned men had accepted him as their spiritual leader before he had actually reached manhood.

      He spent his whole life in traveling and several tribes, such as the Soomro, Samma, Chadhar, Sial, Dahir, Mazari and Warren etc. embraced Islam owing to his efforts.

      He married Syeda Fatima, daughter of Syed Qasim in Bukhara. She was blessed with two sons, Syed Ali and Syed Ja’far.

      After the death of his first wife, Syeda Fatima in Bukhara, he along with his two sons -Syed Ali and Syed Ja’far migrated at the age of forty years from Bukhara to Bhakkar, Punjab in 635 Hijri. However, as per the book “Makhdoom Jahanian Jahangasht” written by Muhammad Ayub Qadri, both the brothers went back to Bukhara after some time.

      Syed Jalaluddin Hassan Mir Surkh Bukhari died in the age of 95 years on 19th Jamadiul Awwal 690 Hijri (20 May 1294) in Uchch Sharif, Punjab.

      He is also known as Sayyid Jalal or Sher Shah Sayyid Jalal. His history and pedigree are given in extend in such works as the Mazher-i-Jalali, the Akber-ul-Akhyar, the Rauzat-ul-Ahbab, Maraij-ul-Walayat, Manaqabi Qutbi, the Siyar-ul-Aqtar, the Siyar-ul-Arifeen, the Manaqib-ul-Asifya etc. These books only exist in manuscript and are generally found in the possession of Bukhari Sayyids. Sayyid Jalal’s life is given in brief below:

      He also met Chengiz Khan, the mongol, and endeavoured to convert him to Islam, but Chengiz Khan ordered him to be burnt alive. The fire however turned into a bush of roses and on seeing this miracle Chengiz Khan became inclined to be more sympathetic towards Islam and Muslims. Chengiz offered to give his daughter in marriage to Hazrat Jalaludin. He at first refused to take Chengiz’s daughter as his wife but then he heard a divine voice say that his descendants would spread far and wide and were destined to be Qutubs “saints” of the world, he consented to the marriage.

      This proved to be true as his descendants are quite numerous, and many Sayyid families in the Punjab, Sindh, the United Provinces (Uttar Pradesh), Kachchh and Hyderabad Deccan, claim descent from him, and trace their origins to Uchch Sharrif.

      His two male issues from his second wife, Fatima, the daughter of Sayyid Qasim Hussein Bukhari, Sayyid Ali and Sayyid Jaffar, are buried in tombs at Bukhara. He brought his son Sayyid Baha-ul-Halim with him to Sindh and he settled in Uchch in 1244 AD.

      Sayyid Jalaluddin afterwards married Zohra, the daughter of Sayyid Badar-u-Din Bukhari, of whom was born Sayyid Mohammad Ghaus. On Zohra’s death he married the second daughter of Sayyid Badar-u-Din, who give birth to Sayyid Ahmed Kabir, the father of Makhdoom Jahania. In 642 Hijri when Nassir-u-Din Mahmud, son’s of Shams-u-Din Altamash, was Sultan (ruler) of the kingdom of Delhi, Sayyid Jalal reached Uch, which was then called Deogarh, and its people began through him, to embrace Islam. The Raja Deo Singh, its ruler, was greatly incensed at this, and spared no effort to cause him trouble, but being overawed by the Sayyid’s miracles he fled to Marwar. Innumerable miracles are attributed to him. The reverence which he enjoyed may be judged from the fact that rulers used to wait upon him at Uch, for example in 642 H. Nassir-u-Din Mahmud, the eldest son of Shams-u-Din Altamash, paid him visit at Uch.

      He died in 690 H. in the reign of Ghayas-u-Din Balban, and was buried at Sonak Bela 3 miles of Uch, but the river Ghaggar reaching quite close to his grave; his descendants removed his remains to Uch and buried them at the place where the shirne Hazrat Sadar-u-Din Rajan Qattal is now situated. Again in 1027 H. the then Sajjada Nashin Makhdoom Hamid son of Muhammad Nassir-u-Din, removed the remains, buried them in the present spot and erected a building over them. In 1261 H. Nawab Muhammad Bahawal Khan III made some additions to it and built a tank and well, called the khan sir, in compound of the shrine. In 1300 H. Nawab Sadiq Muhammad Khan IV had it repaired and made some additions. Both Hindus and Muslims in and outside the state have a firm faith in this Khanqah and all kinds of vows are made there.

      His Mission: He spread Islam to Sindh and Southern Punjab and is responsible for conversion of Soomro and Samma tribes among others to Islam. He also laid the foundations of a religious school in Uch (also spelled Uchch). He moved back to Bukhara once and later returned to finally settle in Uchch in 1244 C.E.

      He was founder of the “Jalali” Section of the Suhrawardi(“Suhrawardiyya”) Sufi Order. “Jalali” being named after him. Some of his successors in the line went to Gujerat and became very famous there. This includes Jalal b. Ahmad Kabir, popularly known as Makhdum-e-Jahaniyan (d. 1384 AD), who made thirty-six visits to Mecca; Abu Muhammad Abdullah, popularly known as Burhanuddin Qutb-e-Alam (d. 1453 AD) and Sayyed Muhammad Shah Alam (d. 1475 AD).

      It is narrated that Makhdoom Syed Jalaluddin Bukhari had urged Gengis Khan to spare the innocent people and embrace Islam. Enraged by this bold act of Jalaluddin, Gengis Khan ordered that he might be thrown in fire. But to the utter surprise of Gengis Khan and his courtiers the fire did not hurt Jalaluddin Bukhari.

      The great pioneers of the 13th century Sufi movement in South Asia were four friends known as “Chaar Yaar”. Baba Farid Shakar Ganj of Pakpattan [1174-1266]; Jalaluddin Bukhari of Uchch [c. 1192-1294]; Baha-ud-din Zakariya of Multan [1170-1267] and Lal Shahbaz Qalandar of Sehwan [1177-1274 ] . It is said that 17 leading tribes of Punjab accepted Islam at the hands of Baba Farid . Some of these tribes were Kharals, Dhudhyan, Tobian and also Wattoo, a Rajput tribe. Hazrat Jalaluddin Bukhari converted the Soomro and Samma tribes of Sindh as stated earlier, the Sial, Chadhar, Dahir and Warren tribes of Southern Punjab and Sindh, and the Mazaris and several other Baluch tribes while Shahbaz Qalandar had a great following in Multan and Northern Sindh.

      He is also reported to have met Makhdum Shah Daulah, a saint buried in Bengal, at Bukhara where he presented Makhdum Shah with a pair of gray pigeons as a token of good wishes. From Bukhara the Makhdum Shah party proceeded towards Bengal and settled at Shahjadpur, a locality under the jurisdiction of a Hindu king whose kingdom extended up to Bihar. The king ordered for the expulsion of Makhdum Shah and his companions. Consequently there ensued a severe fight between the two parties in which Makhdum Shah with all his followers, except Khwaja Nur, embraced martyrdom.

      Mai Heer of the Sial tribe and of the “Heer-Ranjha” fame was daughter of Choochak Sial who was disciple of Hazrat Syed Ahmed Kabir, grandson of Hazrat Jalaluddin Bukhari.

      His family was one of the most revered and prominent Muslim families during the rule of the Turkish dynasties in India including the Tughlaq Qabacha(Kipchak) and Mamluk dynasty of Delhi dynasties. His descendants are called Naqvi al-Bukhari. The part of Uchch where this family settled is called “Uchch Bukharian]] to this day. There are magnificent tombs of his descendants and disciples there. These include Hazrat Jahaniyan Jahangasht, Hazrat Rajan Qittal; Bibi Jawindi, and Channan Pir among others. Many of his disciples are buried in Bhanbhore and Makli near Thatta.

      There were many religious leaders and sufi saints in his lineage. Among them Hazrat Shah Mohammad Ghouse migrated from Uchch and settled down in the Punjab, Hazrat Shah Jamal of Ichchra, Lahore’ and numerous others.

      Part of his family moved back to Turkistan and there were inter-marriages with the Tatar Mongol ruling clan of Bukhara. It is said that he was married to Genghis Khan’s daughter as well. A branch of the family moved subsequently to what is now Bursa in Turkey.

      His role in the Muslim Rishi tradition in Kashmir: His disciple Lal Ded (or Lalleshwari (Hazrat Nuruddin Nurani’s First Teacher)exercised a seminal influence on Hazrat Nurani’s own spiritual development. Lal Ded’s life is shrouded in mystery and legend, the first references to her being made in Farsi Muslim chronicles many years after her death. It is believed that she was born in the village of Sampora, near Srinagar, in 13th century C.E. in a Kashmiri Pundit family. As was the then prevalent custom, she was married off at a very young age to a Brahmin temple priest from the village of Padmanpora, the present-day Pampore. Her mother-in-law is said to have cruelly mistreated her, and her husband, jealous of her spiritual attainments and her growing popularity among the people, forced her out of his house. She then took to the jungles, roaming about completely naked, performing stern austerities and meditational practices. She met Hazrat Jalaluddin Bukhari Makhdum Jahaniyan Jahangasht (d. 1308 C.E.) and embraced Islam at his hands, after which she ‘ascended the stages of suluk (the Sufi path)’, and thereafter travelled widely with him all over Kashmir.

      She is called Lalla ‘Arifa (‘Lalla, the Gnostic’), Lalla Madjzuba (‘Lalla, the Ecstatic’) and Rabi’a-e-Sani. According to local lore, Lal Ded died in 1400 C.E. just outside the Jami’a mosque at the town of Bijbehara. Her body was not to be found, and in its place her followers discovered a pile of flowers. Her Hindu disciples consigned them to the flames, while her Muslim followers buried them, each in accordance with their own religious customs. She in turn influenced Hazrat Nuruddin Nurani who is considered by the Kashmiris, both Hindus as well as Muslims, as the patron saint of Kashmir. For this reason, he is lovingly referred to as the Alamdar-e-Kashmir (‘flag bearer of Kashmir’), as well the Shaikh-ul ‘alam (‘the teacher of the whole world’). Although he was himself a Muslim and the order that he founded played a major role in the spread of Islam in Kashmir, he is regarded with deep veneration by the Hindus of Kashmir as well, for his message was one of universal love and harmony. Till this day, scores of people from all walks of life and from different religious communities flock to his shrine at Charar i Sharief. (The Muslim Rishis of Kashmir: Crusaders for Love and Justice, by Yoginder Sikand)

      His Philosophy: The factors which gave birth to organised sufism were indeed serious ailments which had afflicted Muslim society for some time and had assumed menacing proportions by the 12th century A.D. It was easily discernible that Muslim political structure was crumbling and its entire moral and social fabric facing extinction. The most redeeming feature of this dark and dismal period was that this challenge was successfully met by the Muslim society from its own resources and from its own inherent strength by employing its own moral and intellectual weapons. The answer to this grave challenge was the sufi movement. Sufism gave a new lease of life to the Muslims, provided them with a bright vision, opened up fresh vistas for them, and guided them towards unexplored horizons. It was a glorious and splendid performance, unparalleled and unsurpassed in human history.

      Hundreds of devoted workers left their hearths and homes, spread out over unknown regions hazarding strange climes and conditions with hardly any material resources to aid and assist them. Poverty and privation stalked their efforts while distance and inaccessibility stood in their way. But undaunted and undeterred they marched forward demolishing the distances, breaking the barriers, conquering the climes. And lo! they succeeded. What was the secret of their success? They had both strength of character and courage of conviction, were selfless and devoted to a cause.

      Sufism became organised, and adopted a form and institution in the 12th and 13th centuries A.D. The two great pioneers in this field were Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani and Hazrat Abu Hafs Umar al-Suhrawardi (Persian:عمر سهروردى) 1144 – 1234) a.k.a. Shahabuddin Suhrawardy. By introducing the system of ’silsila’ which was a sort of association/order, and takia/khankha, a lodge or hospice, they invested the movement with a sense of brotherhood and provided it with a meeting place. The ’silsila’ and the takia/khankha were the king-pins of the organization. With a stream of selfless workers available and with no dearth of devoted and assiduous leadership, the movement made swift progress and spread far and wide.

      The beginning, popularity and propagation of Sufism have been attributed to many causes among which may be mentioned: to free religious thought from the rigidity imposed by the ulema; to emphasise in the Islamic teachings the element of God’s love and mercy for His creation rather than His wrath and retribution; to practise what one professes and not merely indulge in slogans and soliloques; to stress the essence of faith rather than mere observance of formalities; to move away towards rural areas from the evil and debilitation effects of wealth, monarchy and bureaucracy concentrated in big cities; to demolish the edifice of false values based on pelf and power and restore morality to its proper place in the niche of Muslim society; to combat the fissiparous tendencies and centrifugal forces which were spreading their tentacles in the Muslim world; to discourage parochial feelings and eliminate racial pride which had assumed primary importance in Muslim thinking relegating the ideal of brotherhood to a secondary place etc.

      According to Hasan Nizami, Suhrawardy sufis were the first to arrive in India and made their Headquarters in Sind. Suhrawardy order attained great influence in Pakistan under the leadership of Hazrat Bahauddin Zakaria of Multan. The famous Qadirya order later entered India through Sind in 1482 A.D. and Syed Bandagi Mohammad Ghouse, one of the descendants of the founder (Shaikh Abdul Qader Jilani 1078-1116) took up residence in Sind at Uchch and died in 1517 A.D.” (An Introduction to History of Sufism By A.J.Arbery.)

      Uchch Sharif: Alexandria: Uchch was founded by Alexander the Great as “Alexandria” on the bank of the River Indus. Many followers came to study under him and later spread his theological message throughout the region.

      Naqvi family: He is the primary progenitor of the “Syed” sub-clan called “Naqvi al-Bukhari”. The clan is known as “Naghavi” in Iran and there are considerable numbers of “Naghavi” Syeds living in Iran and elsewhere. In Jordan and Iraq this surname is spelled “Naqavi”.

      The Shrine: He was buried in a small town outside Uchch, but his tomb was damaged by floods, so in 1617 AD, his shrine was rebuilt in Mohalla Bukhari in Uchch by the Nawab of Bahawalpur, Bahawal Khan II. In the 18th century, the Abbasi Nawabs annexed Uchch into the princely state of Bahawalpur. The shrine lies a short walk away from the cemetery and is also built on a promontory, so one can look out onto the rolling plains below and the desert in the distance. To one side is an old mosque covered with blue-tile work and in front of a pool of water is the tomb proper. A carved wooden door leads into the musty room containing the coffin of Hazrat Syed Bukhari.

      The Town of Uchch: During the Islamic era in the subcontinent Uchch and Multan became the greatest centers of academic and cultural excellence. The twin cities attracted the persons having expertise in various prevalent arts and sciences from every corner of the world. Numerous personalities enjoying reasonable socio-religious and academic status stood attached to the city of Uch. Hazrat Safi-ud-Din Gazruni (980-1007 A.D) introduced the first academy of letters at Uch. Ali bin Hamid bin Abubakar Koofi, compiler of the most authentic historical document “ Chuch Nama” migrated from Iraq to Uch. Syed Jalaluddin Surkh-Posh Bukhari (c.1198 A.D) made Uch a center of religious education and preaching. Hazrat Jahanian Jahan Gasht (1308-1384) belonged to this land of piety and righteousness. The well known reference of history “Tabqate Nasiri’s” writer Minhaj Siraj spent most part of his life at Uch.

      Uchch Bukhari is the oldest settlement, dating back to about a thousand years and the monument complex. The complex is located on a mound that is considered the city’s highest point. Hundreds of small, unmarked graves lead up to the monuments and palm trees dot the landscape beyond the fields that were once the riverbed of the Sutlej below. The three largest tombs, of Bibi Jawandi, Hazrat Baha Ul Halim and Ustad Nurya, were all once complete mausoleums covered with exquisite glazed tile-work. Now they are in ruins, yet with their intricate tile-work still apparent, it is not difficult to imagine them in the prime of their glory.

      There is not much information available on the individuals who were buried in these tombs, the actual graves of Bibi Jawandi, Ustad Nurya and Hazrat Baha Ul Halim are no longer marked by a cenotaph. Ustad Nurya is said to be the architect responsible for Bibi Jawandi’s mausoleum while Hazrat Baha Ul Halim was a direct descendant of Syed Jalaluddin Surkh-Posh Bukhari. Bibi Jawandi’s mausoleum is the oldest of the three. The architectural style of her tomb is indigenous to Upper Sindh and Lower Punjab, where moulded bricks are used as decorative elements. According to historian Holly Edwards, who has done extensive research on Bibi Jawandi’s tomb, the bastions of the mausoleum are peculiar to the region. She has found only one other similar tomb in Central Asia. In addition, the wedge-shaped tiles that have been knitted into the structural core of the building are unique to this monument.

      The Mela (Folk Festival): Mela Uchch Sharif is usually held in March/April and is a weeklong celebration. A large number of people from southern Punjab come to the historic town Uchch Sharif to pay homage to the great sufi saint, Hazrat Jalaluddin Surkhposh Bukhari (ra), for spreading Islam.

      Following the centuries old tradition, people visit the shrine of Hazrat Jalaluddin Surukhposh Bukhari to start the mela. Majority of the people and devotees of Hazrat Syed Jalal spend the entire day at the shrine and offer Friday prayers at the historic Jamia Masjid built by the Abbasid rulers.

      The mela is held to mark the historic congregation of sufi saints held in 600 AH on the invitation of Hazrat Jalaluddin Surkhposh Bukhari. The mela is celebrated when Hindu calendar month ‘Chait’ starts where people perform folk dances, circus, plays and traditional bazaars are set up, selling sweets and drinks.

  1. I have gone through your website and want to know few queries of mine relateed to “Will”

    In my fathers family we have 3 borthers (including my father) and his 2 sisters out of which 1 bother & 1 sister are the care takers of imam bargah and after their death they will nominate others to carry the same chain. what i want to know is that if a care taker has died and he/she wrote a will in presence of his brother/sister but that “will” is not shown to anyone after his the care takers death
    so what does our Shia School of Thought says about such person. some how the family knows about the will but the person who was given the “will” denies that it was not written.

    If the care takers who has died has sons of his own will they have any rigth to come on place of his father as care takers?

    • Thanks for your comments. Sorry for late submission cause I was out of this project for some important reasons. I have noted your points and according to my authority on Fatwa, I’ll say that the Care Taker’s sons can not take the place of next caretaker or their father who is already died. In relation to the Will written by the care takers for next ones, can consider if it is according to the Master Will, no matter if it is openly announced or kept hidden. If it is against the First Master Will then it should be rejected. Any how it is better to disclose it within the family to clear any ambiguity.
      If any one will not accept the will of their father / mother then the said child is considered out from the descendents.
      And he is a Mujrim.
      There is a fatwa available on the same issue from other Scholar of our school of thought at:

    • If the said Will / wasiyat was signed in presence of two witnesses it is a valid document and should be accepted accordingly. in presence of other sons and daughters the niece or nephew is not allowed automatically as a caretaker the main doc ument of caretakers appointment must be clear on this account.If you have any dispute you may forward me a copy of main caretaker deed…on my Email:akbarmono19@hotmail .com so that the dispute can be solved accordingly with a final advise on it.

  2. Dear Zahra,
    Thanx for refering to Tarikh-e-Jalalia (published by my Grand Father), i happened to visit your site while searching for Sadaat’s family tree. Its great that you are working on the project of “First website for the heavenly royal blood of Naqvi Sadat”.
    Kindly let me know what has been done uptill now regarding the said project. I would be interested in having more details on it.

    • Can you tell me where can i find tarikh e jalalia please? i have my shajra and i want to have more references… thanks JazakAllah Khair

      • Thanks for your comments. We have the printed Shijra and we also holds the said book Tarikh-e-Jallalia. But all of you who needs to unite yourself in that shijrah. Please note that these kinds of important documents can not be sent to any one untill you have to send us your details of small shijra minimum for three to four fathers first, which you must know and have with you. We can verify your short shijrah by comparing with that and then we can send you the said copy of shijrah for your record. We hope that you will appreciate our these efforts to hold this shijrah more carefully.
        With best regards. you can send your details on this web or through our email:

  3. Dear Brother/Sister,

    i was just flipping through the internet to find about Naqvi/Bokhari family and by chance came across your web. Certainly, we have long ancestry and large speard family across the world. Personally, feel that no one is trying to put comprehensive information on the web. however, i know most of the family are maintaining their personal shajra.

    just wondering to look for the possibility to make it more comprehensive, precise and open to all Naqvi/Bokhari families. may be a point of rendezvous for all.

    Likewise, one of our uncle is also maintaining our family tree climibing up to worthy Ali (A.S.).

    just think that way.

    Kind regards,
    Bokhari …one in thousands

  4. My family belongs to DOKOHA,Jalandhar,India…now we live in Lahore but I live in USA.Our family tree starts from Syed Miran Khas who came to India with Lodhi khandan. I am looking for the book (Tarikh-e-Jalanlia) for my reference. Kindly let me know if I can purchase it and the address of bookstore…we are writing our family tree for our future generations. Any help on this will be appreciated. Wassalam

    • syed farrukh Abbas Naqvi
      i live pakistan Faisalabad , may jab -information deptt, i am three brother and 2 sisters , may father die 2008

      • My family belongs to DOKOHA,Jalandhar,India…now we live in people colony No 2 Pakistan Faisalabad , Our family tree starts from Syed Miran Khas who came to India ,my job information Deptt , i am Three brother’s and 2 sister’s my father syed mudiser Hussan die in 2007 – cell no 0322-7967414- and email –

  5. Assalamualaikum,

    My name is Hassan bin Azmi bin Othman bin Hassan bin Fakir Bukhari. I’m the fourth generation that had been residing in Malaysia and the 35th generation from sayidna Ali karamullah wal haj . My great grandfather originaly from Manshera NWF Pakistan. eversince the Bukhari family landed here in Malaysia our silsilah always has been question.

    Anyway i’ve manage to brought forward this matter to the international silsilah keeper, Rabitah Aliwiyeen and Naqobatul Ashraf and trust me they had to do an international confrence last year in Jakarta to verify Sadaat Bukhari silsilah. The only problem that they have with our silsilah is, they couldn’t find a record for Ahmad bin Abdullah bin Ali Ashgar bin Jaffar Sani bin Ali naqi bin bin Ali Taqi bin Ali Redha bin Musa Kazim.

    Now if you know Bukhari family tree Ahmad bin Abdullah was suppose to be the great grandfather of Bukhari Sadaat. As per record Ahmad bin Abdullah migrated from Iraq to Bukhara and that how the bukhari got it surname.

    I call upon all the Bukhari sadaat who could lend me a hand even to show the me right reference to save our silsilah thus will save million of Bukhari that goes unrecorded. As i live in Malaysia my only advantage is I’ve a direct contact with Rabitah Alawiyeen other than that my resources are very short handed.

    I’m looking for a few book as a start :

    1. Roohani Rabitah wa ratoon by Qazi Abdull Haleem Asar
    2. Tarikh e Uch
    3. Tarikh e Jalali
    4. Tabqate Nasiri

    As we been trusted by Rasul to keep our silsilah I believe all the Bukhari sadaat feel as obligated as me.

    Jazakaullha hair


  6. Its really g8 and very informative.I am desperate in having more details on it.Infactly thr are very few families maintaining thr shajra.I wish all the others too to keep it up.

  7. Its really g8 and very informative.I am desperate in having more details on it.Infactly thr are very few families maintaining thr shajra.I wish all the others too to keep it up.

  8. Salaam,

    I am searching for information regarding the lineage of Pakistani senator Syed Nayyar Hussain Bukhari, can anybody help?

    • Assalamu Alykom to all.

      I am a non-syed Shiite Muslim. The information learnt here was never attained from any other source. Above all, I felt privileged and honored by The Almighty to get me a chance to add my lines to the respected Sadaat community. Introducing this site, is no doubt, a great work by the administrator indeed!

      Nisar Haider Abbas,
      DHA – Lahore,

  9. sattar ali shah naqvi (shafatikhani) ghazi (haripur) phone .no.0035796513090 in pakistan . phone .no.00923009770712 .

    • salam im sahil khan and from pathan family living in abbottabad hazara.. brother h r u …?hope u fine..well mind nahi karna lakin ap loog jo syed hain bhoot aqeeday walay hotay hian..out of syed family rishta nahi daitay…lakin mujay ye bata dain k jab aik larki jo syed family sy ho our os ka rishta nahi aa raha ho syed family sy our wo over age ho rahi ho tu per kia karna chaheyay?…mairay aik janay walay hain jin ki baite hain jo syed hy our educated family sy hy..on k rishtay ka problem hy tu plzz request hy ap sy kyun k ap syed hain tu on k leay koi syed educated our achi family ka larka dond lain our on ka rishta karva dain..thankxx my cell number is 03335045963

      • I am syed wajhullah shah from islamabad, migrate from bunnair to sindh now isb,
        my no is 03445444307,
        I have govt job, not well but thanks God,
        I cnt do marriage, but i read u r message then i feel shame,
        zror helpkrni chae, apne le ni to ksi or ka bhala ho jae,


  11. Dear Admin,

    I have sent an email to “” containing some information as to my forefathers as desired by you above.

    Eagerly waiting for your response.

    JazakALLAH Khair.

    Jawad Bukhari

    • Dear Mr. Jawad Bokhari,
      Salamun Alaikum,
      Thanks for your query, Mr. Bokhari has contacted you and there will be a meeting in this regard. Some of your refrence are already matched with our main Shijrah and we hope that you will be given the copy of Tarikh-e- Jalalia after this meeting Insha Allah.
      Website Administrator.

      • Dear Admin,

        Asalam Alaikum,

        Many Thanks for your kind reply.

        JazakALLAH Khair.

        Jawad Bukhari

      • Salam Ya ali madad,

        I am now in ksa Saudia pak from Ghambeer Abbottabad. if you could help me about the shajra update please

        Best Regards
        Logistics Department

        P.O. Box 535, Al-Khobar 31952, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
        Tel.: +966 3 882 9122 Ext. 234 Fax: +966 3 882 7046
        Cell: +966 55 9969 281 Email:

      • Dear Admin,
        My name is Sayyid Abdul Fathah Bukhari and I am from India…I have Shijrah of my family upto the first Bukhari came to kerala,a state of India Sayyid Ahmed Jalaluddin Bukhari and above that the names only available of fathers upto Sayyid Hussain Jahanian Jahangasht.. And now we are searching for the details of Shijra and found this website.. Please let me know how can I get the Book Tarikh e Jalali, Marat e Jalali and other books which will help us get the details of forefathers and their history..It will be appreciated if I can have the histories of 10 descendants of Jahangasht who happened to migrate to Kerala,India later..

        Thanx in advance
        Sayyid Abdul Fathah Bukhari

    • sir assalam o alaikum ham aajiz bhi syed family se belong kertay hein hamein apna shajra e nasab chahiey meira name muneer bin ghuLAM SHABBIR BIN KHAIR MOHAMMAD BIN BAGH ALI SHAH BIN QADIR BAKHSH SHAD BIN HAJI SYED SULTAN SHAH SB YEH makran se hijrat ker kat aiy thay kindly agar kowi makran se syed belong kertay hon yo pls apnay shajra shrief deikh ker maloomaat dein in kay baray mai hai inhoon nay 7 hajj paidal kiye thay. aur yeh BAGH ALI SHAH aik case england mai lar ker aiy thay kissi se suna hai keh case aik mahal ka lara tha jo keh taunsa shrief mai hai iss case ki history modursa mehmoodia taunsa shrief mai mowjood hai agar kowi sb yeh baat perhein pls kindly zaroor batana

  12. I am mukhtar Bukhari bin Abdul Rashid Bukhari bin Ghulam Mustafa Bukhari bin Syed Wali Shah Bukhari bin Syed Hussain Shah Bukhari bin Syed Ahmed Shah Bukhari bin Syed Abdul Qadeer Shah Bukhari bin Syed Pir Umer Shah Bukhari of Jabbi Syedan Tehsil Heveli District Bagh Azad Kashmir. Hazrat Pir Umar Shah Bukhari came there from Biaran village of Bhedi Azad Kashmir their fore fathers came from Kareeri occupied kashmir they were descendants of Haji Syed Murad Bukhari of Kareeri who came from Seri Nagar where the forefathers were the descendants of Syed Ali Alauddin bin syed Mehmood Nar Nasir ud din bin hazrat Makhdoom jahania Syed Hussain Jalaluddin bin syed Ahmed Kabir bin Syed Jalal ud Din Haider Surkh posh bukhari. Then the tree goes to Syed Ali Al-Moayyed The then Chief Justice of Bukhara. After that some fore fathers remained in Turki then the tree goes to Syed Jaafar Sani bin Imam Ali Naqi. Al Hamdo Lillah our shajra is complete from all natures. It not only consist of the names of all the fore fathers at the top Hazrat Adam (A.S) but historically proved with regards to graves/ tombs of every of the forefathers. Any Shajra travels by two methods i.e. Tabbar & Qabbar. Tabbar means the family names and Qabbar means the graves/ tombs of the forfather.

    • Dear Brother Syed Mukhtar Bukhari,
      Salamun Alaikum, Tohfa Ya ELY ( JJ ) Madad,
      Thanks for your comments and reply on this Website. I can certify you that you are one of us, and in the same way as Brother Syed Jawad Bokhari has been found in our own Shijrah. You are also my brother in our family Tree. I congratulate all of you and will love to see you. When ever you come in Islamabad may contact me on my Cell No: 0323- 5370287 or my emails:, or
      It will be highly appreciated if you kindly send us your Shijrah up to Syed Ali Allouud- Din son of Syed Mehmood Nar Nasir ud din, for our maintainance of a proper record.
      Prof Dr. Syed Akbar Abbas Naqvi Bokhari.
      Chief Administrator of this Website.

      • I am sayed ali-ul-husnain bukhari naqvi i am a student of MBA in virtual university in lahore i also belong from ajk dist kahutta heveli village kahari me i provide u our shajra and conform from u about your addres whar r u lived and what is your proffession

      • Dear brother, Eli-ul-Hassnain
        Salamun Alaikum,
        Thanks for your contact. You may call me at 0323 5370287.
        I am in Islamabad working as Professor for English. My profession is teaching and preaching.
        Syeda Masooma Z Naqvi.
        Administrator of the web.

  13. I just want to know where exactly I can have this family tree available upto date and also how can we be sure that it is upto date.


    • Dear Syed Muhammad Ali Bokhari,
      Thanks for your comments. We have the printed Shijra and we also holds the said shijra in the book Tarikh-e-Jallalia. But all of you who needs to unite yourself in that shijrah. Please note that these kinds of important documents can not be sent to any one untill you have to send us your details of small shijra minimum for three to four fathers first, which you must know and have with you. We can verify your short shijrah by comparing with that and then we can send you the said copy of shijrah for your record. We hope that you will appreciate our these efforts to hold this shijrah more carefully.
      With best regards. you can send your details on this web or through our email:

  14. Dear,

    I am Syed Muhammad Ali Raza Bukhari s/o Syed Muhammad Hanif Bukhari live in azad kashmir Jabbi saydaian s/o Syed Sanaulla Bukhari s/o Syed Sakander Bukhari … still if you need more confirmation pease do let me know..

    I have allready a large collection of shajara of bukhari saddat but i still disser to do more collection. if you provides your collection. i am very thank full to you.

    Kind Regards,

    Syed Muhammad Ali Bukhari

    • Site administrator,

      This Syed Muhammad Ali Raza Bukhari is a fraud, who is only concerned with grabing shajras of noble Syeds. Nobody should make amistake to provide him any sacred shajra.


    • Salam Brother
      I am Syed Zaheer Naqvi, i live in Karachi we are migrated here from India, Kanpur, I am intersted in working and compile a complet shjra of Naqvi sadat from any part of the globe, I will appriciate if you will put your contribution

  15. AOA, Brother Muhammad Ali BUkhari read yours introduction from Azad Kashmier. I belong from Multan Kotala Sayyedan , Syed Bukhari family and have complete Shijra from Hazrat Adam Alleh Salam to Update. We r the Aulad Hazrat Jalalud Din Surkh Posh. We need unite the Bukhari Saddat and make the council so that compile the Family trees and other oldest relevant documents. U can call me cell 0300-6320050. I will wait for u.

    • Dear Syed Khalid Javid Bukhari
      Nice Day
      I will contact you for brief introduction..

      Kind & Best Regards,

      Syed Ahmad Shah

      • It is not possible to send this shijra through Email. Plz send us details of your forefathers with some names of your family / family tree so that we can consider your requests if possible.

  16. AOA

    This is my linkage:

    Syed Shahzad ulhassan Shah s/o Syed Ashiq Hussain Shah s/o Syed Said Hussain Shah s/o Syed Nadar Hussain Shah

    Most of the family is located in Datyaal Shareef village near Mir Pur, Azad Jammu Kashmir.

    Looking forward to your reply.

    May Allah bless you,

    Shahzad Shah
    Toronto, Canada

    • As I was reading this post, I realized it’s my brother that wrote the post above. If anyone would like to help me I would like to create a family tree online. This will help all of us Bukhari’s eliminate confusion or miscommunication because everyone is located in various parts of the world and some do not have immediate access to their shajrah.

  17. Congratulations to Naqvi Sadat for their worthy attempt to preserve their history for the generations to come. I wish we had a similar site for zaidi sadat.

  18. Salam,
    I need to know the name of son & grandson of Hazrat Syed Jalaluddin Surkh-Posh Bukharimm
    can you help me?


  19. slam
    I ma Zeshan Haider Bukahri. From Jabbi Syedan, and have a lot of knowledge about sadat’s Shajra.
    Please contect me for this detail.
    Syed Zeshan Haider Bukhair

  20. I am Syed Muhammad Zia Uddin Bukhari s/o Syed Saghir Uddin Bukhari live in karachi ,Gulshan-e-Hadeed phase 2 ,Syed Saghir Uddin have 2 son ,first Syed Kaleem Uddin Bukhari then Syed Muhammad Zia Uddin Bukhari …..Still if you need more confirmation
    please do let me know .
    I have already a large collection of Shajara of BUKHARI SYED JALALUDDIN SORKH POSH (OUCH SHARIF)

    Kind Regards,
    Syed Muhammad Zia Uddin

    • Salam Bro,

      I was born in Singapore, My late father came from Mansehra, NWFP, in 1936 and settle here ever since, I have a shajra nasab and i am the 38th generation from Our Great Prophet, My question, why some of the naqvis shajra have individuals of up to 45 and some only 37 or 38, (count directly from Rasulullah)? Can you send me the Tarikh e Jalali or other books in reference to my silsila, My full name- Syed Muhammad Saleh Bin Syed Farman Shah Bin Syed Shah Husain Bin Syed Ghulam Ali Shah Bin Syed Pelawan Shah Bin Hadrat Pir Shah Syed Rasul. Could provide me information from your collection of Syed Jalaluddin SurkhPosh Bukhari? Thank you very much,


    • Salam Bro,

      I am from Singapore and I am plz that u have the collection of Syed Jalaluddin, is it possible that u provide me information from the decendants of Pir Shah Syed Muhammad Ghouse onwards? I have the shajra of my family and I wanna to check with your collections.


      Saleh AlBukhari

    • Dear Sir,
      Most Respectfully it is stated that I came to know your email from this website my request from you if you would be able to grant is that;

      My name is Syed Naveed Hussain Shah and I need your help regarding my family tree as until my uncles wedding time it was present among my father’s eldest family members which happened roughly 45 years from now but right now no body know whereabouts of my family tree as the person keeping the records had been dead 20 years from now and no one care after that but now I realize that a grave mistake has been done in past and need to rectify it therefore I need someone help in identifying the names I mention in a syed shijra for era between 1800 – 1947 AD. My two ancestors name Syed Faiz Imam and Syed Fazal Imam came to Sahawar Etah (UP), India from Bukhara decendents of Hazrat Pir Syed Jalauddin Surkh-Posh Bukhari (RA) from one of them my great grandfather was son whose name was Syed Fayyaz Hussain Shah and my grandfather name was Syed Muhammad Sultan Qadri as he give baith to qadri order during his time so can anyone please can you identify this info and if found send me the copy of that shijra as I really need to erect history and continue from there atleast upto my great grandfather name could be present in one of the tree as this would help me a lot to build the rest please as my last sir name is also lost because of that as no one knows who were we from one source i have heard that we were kazmi syeds but i consider it doubtful and want to know the real truth about it whether we really are kazmi or are we belong to zaidi, mosvi, naqvi, jafri or else please need help.

      Also, my great grandfather name from my mother side was Syed Mahndi-ul-Hassan Jafri and grandfather was Syed Sharif-ul-Hassan Jafri and that shijra have also been misplaced by my uncles so if the grandfather could be indentified in Jafri family shijra I can rebuild that as well so please need help in both shijras.

      Beat Regards,


    • As Salam o alikum

      Dada Shah willayat of Amroha was son in law of uch Baba Surkhposhm i need their shajra if you can write me please

    • Dear Dr Sahab
      As Salam o Alaikum

      As per my knowledge our Grand Father Hazrat Syed Sharf Uddin Shah willaya t was on in law of Hazrat Syed Jalal ud din surkhposh and he was closely related to each other I will appreciate if you will confirm I will be waiting to hear from your end

      Syed Zaheer Naqvi

  21. My name is Syed Abdul Kadir Bin Syed Mohammad bin Syed Mohammad Ali al-Bukhary from matul , before matul he came from malampurem, India. I’m the fourth generation that had been residing in Malaysia and the 35th generation from sayidna Ali karamullah wal haj . My great grandfather originaly from eversince the Bukhari family landed here in Malaysia our silsilah always has been question.

  22. Dear great source
    My name is Sayed Abdul Hadi Sadat, I am from Afghanistan, province wardak. We are very few families are located in the mention country and province. As you know we passed three decades war here, we lost everything. especially we are more suffered then other tribes who are living here and they rely powerful tribes. so from along time I am looking for such surce to find out when Sadat tribe(QAWM) come to afghanistan and why and in the time of which king sadat came to afghanistan. and kindly if you send me the exact adderss of Tarikhi-e- Jalilia. or if you have any informaiton regarding of Sadat in afghanistan.
    thanks and kind regards
    Sayed Abdul Hadi Sadat

  23. Just want to say what a great blog you got here!
    I’ve been around for quite a lot of time, but finally decided to show my appreciation of your work!

    Thumbs up, and keep it going!


  24. sorry to cut in like this. but i have a question thats bothering me way too much. are bukharis shias or sunnis? same goes for siddiques and tirmudhis. every tirmizi and bukhari i know is a sunni :s

    • aoa i hav answer of ur questiopn syed bokharis/ naqvi r direct desendant of imam ali naqi ( a.s) so they r obviously shia but some bokhari had moved away 4m rigfht path and become sunni

  25. aoa…Im frm lahore ,pakistan and quite happy to see a lot bukharis together.What i know abt our ancestors is that all naqvi bukharis in Pakistan r the decendants of hazrat JALALUDIN SURKH POSH BUKHARI….well…i,d like to say smthing more abt it after consulting our shajra at home.

      i m BUKHARI SYED FROM KHEWRA, here iz my no 0346-2354772, i wana 9 about BUKHARI SYED if u have sum in4mation then tel me. m wating ur ans………….

    • Mr. Umer!
      Sorry! If you don’t mind then according to Shariah of Islam and latest Fatwa on this subject given by Allama Syed Abar Abbas Naqvi you can not marry in Sadat family. Even any non Shia or Sunny Syed as well is not allowed to have marry with a Syeda of Shia Syed Family.

      • Respected Moderator,

        Do you believe Sunnis can be Syeds? Do enlighten me, please.



      • Dear brother in Iamn, Salamun alaikum, Tohfa Ya ELY (aj) Madad.
        Yes you are right some Syeds as well are also wrong and have lost their track due to Taqiya of 300 years after Imam ELY (Aj). Shia is not a sect but it is the real name of ancient believers according to holy Qur’an 15:10 and all others are the sects. They followed the traditions of their forefathers and left the righteous way.
        Sunni is not a sect but sects and they were developed opposing the Shia Aima(Qj) in the time of Haroun Rasheed. They opposed Imam Muhammad Baqir (aj) and then later Imam Jaffa-ul-Sadiq (aj). They were the sub sections of Shiaane Banu Ummyah. See a ref:
        “Just after Hz:Muhammad (SAWW) Islam was divided in to two, There were Shiane ELY (aj) v/s Shian-e-Muaviah (also known as Shiane Banu Ummayah”. (See Tarikhe Islam by Bashir Ahmd Tamnna, Salybus of Punjab University 1983).

    • Gentleman you are talking with syed family and you should know how to talk. in your mind 1 2 3 they are also syed i think thats why you say i wana to marry with syed. ager saddat per sadqa haram hai to wohi sadqa ap per hilal hai. to bata saktey hain k ap kis islam kiss islam ko follow kartey hain jo yazeed bin maviya lay kar aya tha. sorry i dont wana to say more words. ous nain bi kaha tha k MAAN AUR BEHN SAY NIKAH JAAIZ HAI, JAB K SYED FAMILY KI CHOTI SI BACHI GHAIR SYED KI MAAAN HAI. AGER AP OUS KO FOLLOW KRTEY HAIN TO PHIR AP KI MARZI. NO NEED TO GO OUT TO FIND SYED FAMILY. not allow this

  26. Assalam u alikum,
    i wanna know whether if i give four father name to you can i have a soft copy shajjra bokhari complete.

  27. What is this nonsense we are all created equal in the easy of Allah only our Amal will come to our assistence. Those that are not Syed will use this forum to become syed and thoses that are are contented.

  28. Salam to all Bros and Sis,

    I was born in Singapore, My late father came from Mansehra, NWFP, in 1936 and settle here ever since, I have a shajra nasab and i am the 38th generation from Our Great Prophet, My question, why some of the naqvis shajra have individuals of up to 45 and some only 37 or 38, (count directly from Rasulullah)? Can you send me the Tarikh e Jalali or other books in reference to my silsila, My full name- Syed Muhammad Saleh Bin Syed Farman Shah Bin Syed Shah Husain Bin Syed Ghulam Ali Shah Bin Syed Pelawan Shah Bin Hadrat Pir Shah Syed Rasul

  29. really good blog….i like ur enthusiasm to keep records of such a great family history. but u must be aware that many people cheat and steal syed identities mainly to marry into syed families. anyway, my husband is naqvi syed, i myself am hasani syed. my husbands family belong to rajoa saadat (punjab, dist chiniot) which has a history of over 700 years with the family tree reaching back to the surkh posh guy of bukhara (sorry i cant remember his exact long name and title). the rajoa syeds are further divided into 3 branches, the shah daulats, the shah ismael and the shah jeevana. would be interested to hear from anyone who would like to shae info on these branches. btw…rajoa saadat very esteemed and well preserved syed familes…great history!!

  30. FAREEHA BUKHARI. i have detail shijrh of my family till my silf. u can get hole information about naqvi bukhari syed form this shijrah.if ur intrested i can sen u. plz send me ur mail address.or contect no. my contect is. 0334-7824138.more if u tell me ur family tree start form wich son of nasir ud din mehmood i can provide u full histry.

  31. asalam o alikum my name is syead ghulam abu turab son of sajid ali naqvi son of zakir hussain shah son of haidar shah son of fathe hayaat shah, we r bokhari syead but its a shame we have lost of shajra i will b every thankfull to u if u can plzz help me find it thankyou very much …………

  32. I want to write authentic n useful literature on sadat bukhari ul-naqvi …my appeal to aal of u bukhari sadat plzz help me…by providing ur family detail…..JAZAK ALLAH O KHAIRA…..

    ( Sayed Intzar Hussain shah Naqvi )

  33. im related to Sadaat of ouch Blot Shreef District Dera Ismael Khan.
    n lives in SHahkot District Nankan Sahib n collecting detail of Sadaat of Blot shreef…live anywhere in Pakistan…if u hav any useful information of Bukhari ulnaqvi sadaat of Blot Shreef…plzz bless me wid ur blessings…..

  34. assalammualaikum to all sadats of bukhary family .refer to the statement of our brother Mr.Hasan Bukhari .I would like to respon and discuss with you but not in this email .So for that can you give your phone number to make relation between us to discuss about our silsilah.

  35. sir em a doc by profession medicine specialist in islamabad idesperate to know about my shajra plz help me

    • Salamun alaikum,
      Tohfa YA ELY MADAD ( JJ ),
      I am teaching M Sc Mass Com in Open University Islamabad.
      My cell no 0323 5744134 You may contact me any time.

  36. I Syed Kousar Hussain Bukhari bin Syed Nazir Hussain Bukhari bin Syed Haji Mohammed Amman nu llah Bukhari bin Syed Mohammed Yaseen Shah Bukhari bin Syed Mohammed Sahaliya Bukhari bin Syed Ameer u ddin Shah Bukhari bin Syed Mohammed Jamaal ud din Bukhari.Syed Jamaal Sahab Shrine is in Lohran Pounch Kashmir.We are decedents of Qazi ul Kashmir Syed Haji Mohammed Murad Bukhari of Kreeri Kashmir,Syed Murad Sahab was the Chief Justice of Kashmir in the regime of Sultan Zain nul abideen budshah,the father of Syed Murad Hazrat Syed Fakh ru din Bukhari bin Syed Allauh uddin Bukhari bin Syed Nasir din Bukhari bin Hazrat Syed Maqdood Jahania Hussain Bukhari bin Sultan Syed Shah Ahammed Kabeer Bukhari bin Hazrat Syed Jalaal Ud Din Haider Surkhposh Bukhari bin Hazrat Syed Ali_Al_Maieed bin Syed Jaffer Mohammed Hussain.We are having complete shajra tul murad at our home.Dear Prof Sahab our family is also holder of some Tabrooqats of Our ancestral heads we are also holder of relic of Hazrat Imaan Hussain Shaheedi Karabala A . S .I like to share all with you Sir,i am doing Masters Mass Communication.Ple give me you cell num.

  37. Dear Prof Sahab,A/A.Hope that all is going well with y &y family with the grace of Alimighy Allah,due to security reasons i cd’nt md ph call to you,so i request your goldish personality to call me on my cellnu 7298551072 or 9797264077,that will be you kindness on me . S. Kousar Naqvi.

  38. Dear Elijah
    The Adminstrator,
    I am the President of my community (Jamat). We have taken up a task to update our shajrah-e-nasb. Actually and unfortunately our forefathers were illiterate, therefore we dont have an update Shajra. In this regard we launched a campaign and collected all the documentary proofs from our community members, that shows our belonging to Jalalians.

    We have an old Shajra that would be 300-350 old, the serial of our forefathers after Shah Jahaniyan is Syed Nasiruddin Mahmood Bukhari, Syed Fadlullah Bukhari, Syed Rajan Qittal Bukhari, Syed Qutbuddin Bukhari, Syed Nizamuddin Bukhari, Syed Raju Bukhari.and discontinued.

    After that we have slides issued by Shah Aurangzaib Alamgir to our forfather Syed Chand S/O Syed Sahab. Being a Syed, Alamgir also gifted him a piece of land in 1063H at Khalej Sutrapara (currently in Gujrat India). We have also attested documents of Nawab Junagadh’s representative (Barrot) Just like Patwari who were deputed to keep and maintain the records of lands that shows us as the tenth generation of Syed Chand S/O Syed Sahab..

    Now We are in search of our identity. Will you please help us out to complete and verify our shajra.

    Your quick response is expected.

    Syed Shakil Ahmed
    Sutrapara Syed Jamat (Reg)
    Plot No. 1735/637 Baldia Town Karachi.
    Cell 0333-2131405

    Alongwith all the community.

    • As salam alaikum wa rahematullahi wa barkatahu
      Mai sayyed liyakat Ali ashrafi Al Bukhari district Bhandara Maharashtra India se hu aapne Jo is shajra ka ziqr kiya hain . —>

      66 | Syed Shakil Ahmed
      June 3, 2011 at 4:41 am
      Dear Elijah
      The Adminstrator,
      I am the President of my community (Jamat). We have taken up a task to update our shajrah-e-nasb. Actually and unfortunately our forefathers were illiterate, therefore we dont have an update Shajra. In this regard we launched a campaign and collected all the documentary proofs from our community members, that shows our belonging to Jalalians.
      We have an old Shajra that would be 300-350 old, the serial of our forefathers after Shah Jahaniyan is Syed Nasiruddin Mahmood Bukhari, Syed Fadlullah Bukhari, Syed Rajan Qittal Bukhari, Syed Qutbuddin Bukhari, Syed Nizamuddin Bukhari, Syed Raju Bukhari.and discontinued.
      After that we have slides issued by Shah Aurangzaib Alamgir to our forfather Syed Chand S/O Syed Sahab. Being a Syed, Alamgir also gifted him a piece of land in 1063H at Khalej Sutrapara (currently in Gujrat India). We have also attested documents of Nawab Junagadh’s representative (Barrot) Just like Patwari who were deputed to keep and maintain the records of lands that shows us as the tenth generation of Syed Chand S/O Syed Sahab..
      Now We are in search of our identity. Will you please help us out to complete and verify our shajra.
      Your quick response is expected.
      Syed Shakil Ahmed
      Sutrapara Syed Jamat (Reg)
      Plot No. 1735/637 Baldia Town Karachi.
      Cell 0333-2131405
      Alongwith all the community.

      Is ke bare me kya aap muz se detel bat kar sakte hai .

      Mera watssap no +919326910687

  39. alsalamo alaikom
    I’m your brother from the offspring of sayed. Jalal Al-Din Al-Bukhari and we are family moved from Pakistan to Yemen since the three hundred a year and on to Medina and then we ended the case to the State of Kuwait, we now consider the third generation in the State of Kuwait, where we became Kuwaiti nationality there I have an old manuscript written by the ratios ancestors attended to sayed. Jalal al-Din al-Bukhaari, but I want you to provide me with books and information on a series of Sadat bukhari Where we do not have any information about the series and the date of the manuscript of this family only the relative
    alfaqeer ela allah muhammad sayed ahmad alhusayne alhashemi

    Syed Ali-ul-ahsan son of Syed Fahim-Ul-Ahsan son of Syed Talib Hussain son of Syed Janab Ali Son of Syed Umar Bakhsh son of Syed Rooh ul Ameen son of Syed Shams ud Din son of Syed Muhammad son of Syed Jaan Ali son of Syed Shah Naseeb son of Syed Shah Noor son of Syed Saad Ullah son of Syed Sheikhoo son of Syed Ali son of Syed Rahmullah Kabeer Uddin Urf Syed Budhaa son of Syed Khairuddin Tirmizi Miraan Syed Khas Darvesh e Charam Posh son of Syed Izzuddin son of Syed Fakharuddin son of Syed Mehmood Tirmizi
    a)Syed Mehmood Tirmizi son of Syed Ali son of Imam zadeh Syed Jafar Sani son of Imam Ali Naqi alaihis sallam.
    Source:Qadeem Qalmi Shajra Tirmizi Sadaat e Dokoha jalandhar (1262 Hijri-1312 Hijri) by Syed Abdul Samad Urf Hafiz Syed Qudrat Ullah
    b)Syed Mehmood Tirmizi son of Syed Ahmad Qattal son of Syed Abdullah son of Syed Ali Ul Ashkar or Syed Ali Ul Asghar son of Imam Zadeh Syed Jafar Al Zaki son of Imam Ali Naqi Alaihis sallam.
    Sources:Riaz ul Ansab Al Maroof ba Gulzar e Naqi alaihis sallam by Syed Maqsood Naqvi,Tarikh e Anwaarus Sadat By Syed Zafaryab Hussaini Abidi Tirmizi Nanotvii,Qadeem Nasab nama by Syed Nizamuddin Nassaab,Qadeem Qalmi Shajras by Syed Chan Pir Shah Bhera Sargodha Pakistan,Nasab Nama by Syed Gul Muhammad langah Khaleefa of Uch Shareef Bahawalpur Pakistan,Kanzul Ansab (Urdu) Multan Pakistan,Qalmi Shajra written by Syed Ghulam Mustafa Nassaab son of Syed Jan Ali Son of Syed Shah Naseeb Son of Syed Muhammad Sadiq son of Syed Muhammad Shamsuddin son of Syed Ahmad Son of Syed Abu Muhammad son of Syed Khairuddin Tirmizi Miraan Syed Khas Darvesh e Charram Posh son of Syed Izzuddin Son of Syed Muhammad Fakharuddin son of Syed Mehmood Tirmizi,Nasab Nama Naqvi sadat e Dokoha Jalandhar Cantt Printed by The Young Men Imamia Association Imam Bargah Bait Ul Huzan Sadat Colony Pakki Thathii Samanabad Lahore Pakistan in 1961.
    c) Syed Mehmood Tirmizi son of Syed ishaq son of Syed Usman son of Syed Jafar son of Syed Umar son of Syed Muhammad son of Syed Hussamuddin son of Syed Shah Nasir Khusro son of Syed Jalal Ganjul Alam son of Syed Abul Moayyid Ameer Ali son of Syed Abdul Raheem son of Syed Jafar Ali son of Syed Mehmood Makki son of Syed Muhammad Samarkandi son of Syed Abdullah son of Syed Ali Ul Ashqar son of Syed Jafar Khalil Tawwab son of Imam Ali Naqi alaiahis sallam.
    Source:Qalmi Shajra of Syed Feroze Shahi Qasmi Tirmizi Boneri

    d) Syed Mehmood Tirmizi son of Syed ishaq son of Syed Usman son of Syed Jafar son of Syed Umar son of Syed Muhammad son of Syed Hussamuddin son of Syed Shah Nasir Khusro son of Syed Jalal Ganjul Alam son of Syed Abul Moayyid Ameer Ali son of Syed Abdul Raheem son of Syed Mehmood Makki son of Syed Abdullah Ali Akbar Makki son of Imam Hasan Askari Alaihis sallam son of Imam Ali Naqi Alaihis sallam.

    (In few shajras Syed Abdullah Ali Akbar Makki is shown as the son of Imam Ali Naqi Alaihis sallam)

    Sources:Qalmi Shajra of Syed Muhammad Mushtaq Naqvi ,Nuzhat us Salikin” by: Syed Aleem ullah Hussaini Jallandhari son of Syed Ateequllah who was khalifa of Hazrat Syed Mioraan Bheek Shah Hussaini Abidi Tirmizi,Qalmi Shajra of Syed Bahauddin Naqshband Bukhari and Syed Qutabuddin Maudud Chishti.
    e) Syed Mehmood Tirmizi son of Syed ishaq son of Syed Usman son of Syed Jafar son of Syed Umar son of Syed Muhammad son of Syed Hussamuddin son of Syed Shah Nasir Khusro son of Syed Jalal Ganjul Alam son of Syed Abul Moayyid Ameer Ali son of Syed Abdul Raheem son of Syed Mehmood Makki son of Imam Zadeh Syed Muhammad son of Imam Ali Naqi Alaihis sallam
    Sources:Tazkira Sadaat e Tirmizi by Syed Abdul Ahad Shah Tirmizi and Mufti Syed Arif Shah Tirmizi Boneri and Qadeem Qalmi Shajras of Tirmizi Syeds of Tehsil manak Raye District Haripur Pakistan.
    f) Syed Mehmood Tirmizi son of Syed ishaq son of Syed Usman son of Syed Jafar son of Syed Umar son of Syed Muhammad son of Syed Hussamuddin son of Syed Shah Nasir Khusro son of Syed Jalal Ganjul Alam son of Syed Abul Moayyid Ameer Ali Salis son of Syed Abul Hasan Ali son of Syed Abdullah Sani son of Syed Abul Hasan Ali Saleh son of Syed Abdullah Araj son of Imam Zadeh Syed Husain Asghar son of Imam Ali Zainul Abideen alaihis sallam.

    In Tarikh e Anwaar us sadaat by Syed Zafar yab Hussaini Abidi Tirmizi nanotvii and in the Qadeem Qalmi Shajras of Hussaini Abidi Tirmizi Syeds it is mentioned that Syed Ahmad Tokhta Hussaini Abidi Tirmizi whose shrine is in Mochi Gate Lahore was the husband of Syeda Razia Bano the Daughter of Syed Khairuddin Tirmizi Burried Near rama Mandi Jalandhar cantonment Area.

    It is also written there,that the ancestor of Syed Hamad Tokhta tirmizi Syed Hassan hameed famous as Syed Shah Nasir Khusro Tirmizi was the husband of Syeda Amna Bibi daughter of Syed Mehmood(Asghar)Tirmizi the great garnd father of Syed khairuddin Tirmizi.

    Kindly check these conflicting traditions and inform me about the accurate Shajra e Nasab of Syed Mehmood Tirmizi.Was he a Husaini Abidi Syed or A NAqvi Syed?Also Please inform about the Complete and correct Shajra e Nassab of Syed Mehmood Tirmizi,along with all solid proofs and complete references.

    Syed Ali ul Ahsan Tirmizi
    House number 523, Street 18, Chaklala Scheme 3, Rawalpindi, Punjab, Pakistan
    Mobile Phone: (0092-51) 0332-5568939, E-Mail:

  41. SALAM !!!
    After reading all posts … literally … i am impressed by you people for concern regarding family tree.
    well … i am NAQVI UL BUKHARI SYED … and … my family tree chain with SYED JALAL UD DIN BOKHARI … SYED MAKHDOOM JAHANIAN JAHANGASHT … leading to syed jaffar saani son of IMAM ALI NAQI A.S … !!!
    MY grand pa told me there is some ambiguity in the family tree at 4 or 5 persons below IMAM ALI NAQI A.S … !!!
    @ admin or any other NAQVI BUKHARI brother !!! HELP ME inn finding out that !!!

    @ admin … i can provide you with the detail of my family tree … so that you will be able to give me the copy of that book !!! 🙂

    Looking forward for your help !!!

  42. slaaaaaaaaaaaaam ya ali as mdad
    im syed shahzad ali shah naqvi s/o syed ishfaq hussain naqvee bin syed jafar hussain naqvee from allah abad teh liaqat pur rahim yar khan me is se aage apna shijra jannna chahta hon koi he jo hep kre ya tareeeeqa kar btaaaaa e plzzzzzzz help me.

  43. Hi my name is syed hasan ali and i am bukhari syed residing in muzaffarabad. as i know, our pedigree related to Hazrat Surkh Posh. if u have a soft copy of pedigree from Hazrat Surkh Posh to onwards please send me at will be a great kindness from you

  44. Dear Brother As Salam Alaikum and Many Thanks for this great service you are kindly doing to the stars of the Hashmiite clan, the Syed Bukhari family. I am Syed Masroor Hassan Shah Bukhari and we are from the same line, from Hazrat Imam Naqi (A.S.) and Hazrat Jalaluddin Shah Sher Shah Surkhposh Bukhari(R.A.) and Ucch Balotaan. But later our forefathers emigrated and finally settled in around Abbottabad (but later my grandfather moved to Malaysia). But we have travelled a lot in the world lately. I was born in Hyderabad, Sindh.

    May The Lord Almighty (Allah) bless you and all His creations immensely Ameen.

    Ma’al Salam and Kindest Regards,

  45. salam…hi mr.admin,how are u. hope u r in a good condition.i’m zahra from malaysia. i never know abt sadat from pakistan so as i was looking for info on naqvi families i found ur blog. i’m a syia sadat from the habsyi family linked to ali uraidhi son of imam ja’far a.s. i’m interested to know abt naqvi bukhari as i have some few frens from pakistan that claiming themselves are sadat naqvi bukhari. and i know this one guy who i’m interested with and if the relationship is good may he be the one for me. my father is a very strict man and he want me to marry only sadat and me also myself want to mary only sadat to preserve the silsilah of rasul. and now my father is asking if that guy is a real sadat. the problem is i’m in malaysia and its very hard for me to find out this guy silsilah. i have very limited info or u can say i have no idea/no info abt naqvi bukhari silsilah. i also have no one to ask in pakistan to know more abt this guy who he said he is syed syia from naqvi bukhari. it is sad if someone being questioned abt his/her sadat status. but people asking juz for the asurance,the truth as this is a really big and important asking this does not means that i want to critic or tell bad things. i’m asking for the sake of my future is really2 important for me to know the real status here as this is a marriage matter that will effect my life. hope i could get a fast reply from u.. coz i’m dealing with my father abt the status and i’m very worried now. hope u can understand and can help me.forgive me if my words is inappropiate or make u feel offenced. thank you very much :)bohot syukria :p

    • Dear Zahra. Salamun Allaikum.
      Thanks for your query. Sorry for late reply. I was very busy in previous days and was unable to see all the comments on this site. Yes it is true that in Pakistan we have a very respectable and verified Naqvi Sadat directly descendants of Imam ELY-UN-Naqi. The great forefathers of this holy and divine seed came from Iraq and settled in Bukhara and then later settled in Ouch Sharif. These Naqvi Syeds were also write Bukhari for their introduction so that every one knows that they are migrated from Bukhara in Pakistan

      We have our authentic shajra in Pakistan, which is dully certified by the different kings of hundreds years ago as well. It is saved and added time by time very carefully in Ouch Sharif the famous holy city in disrict Bahawalpur (Province of Punjab) Pakistan. If any body has his claim being a Naqvi Bukhari Syed in Pakistan then we need few of his or her forefathers name to verify his lineage from that Major Shijra which we hold.

      We are very strict in this issue and don’t allow to any one to have this record to secure Sadat’s lineage. And in Pakistan we also don’t allow to any one to have marry with a Syed Girl if he is not Syed. You may send the details of that Syed Naqvi boy or let him know our details and this website. We can easily verify his details and could help you in this issue. You may contact me on my cell No as well at any time or can pass on this number to your dad for any further inquiry. My cell No is: 00-92-323 5744134. I am, in Islamabad Pakistan and the Administrator of this website as well.

      With best wishes,

      Prof Dr. Syed Akbar Abbas Naqvi
      Website Administrator.

  46. salam and solawat upon u sir elijah…how r u…hope u r in a good condition… my name is zahrah and im a syia saidah from the habsyi family…n i live in malaysia…as i’m looking for info regarding sadat naqvi al-bukhari family…i found ur page…it is interesting that u have this kind of community page. i have some problem that i hope i can find the solution here…i’m sorry if my word can be offensive as i have intend of doing that… i have no idea abt naqvi al-bukhari till i met this pakistani guy who claimed he is sadat naqvi al-bukhari from imam ali an-naqi. so this guy is seriously wanna know me better and if possible wanna get married…so my father is a very strict man and he want me to marry only to sadah and me also want to marry only sadah…and now my father is demanding for his silsilah to prove he is a true sadat…but i dont know where to refer to as i have no family or frens in pakistan and my source is very limited…. i wanna know how naqvi al-bukhari got its name..izzit they are from iraq/yemen and moved to pakistan? and how can i know if this guy is really a sadat? and how can i know if his family in pakistan is a well known? i know its very sad if someone questioned abt our status…but as u know..we need to take care of our rasul nasab. and this is really2 important for me to assure that i’m choosing the right man for the rest of my life… i really hope u can help me…again i’m sorry if what i’ve said make u or others offenced…i hope to get a fast answer as i’m so worried now….thank you very much..bohot syukria.. 🙂 salam alaik..

  47. Dear All,

    AOA and Ya Ali madad.

    i would appreciate if anyone of you know about Syed Mir Ali Bukhari (Came from Bukhara to Kashmir Srinagar) his sons are.
    • Mir Ishaq Bukhari
    • Mir Ibrahim Bukhari
    • Mir Kamal Bukhari
    • Mir Skinder Bukhari

    if anyone of you know about anything about Syed Mir Ali Bukhari please contact me at

    Looking forward for your help.


    Waseem Shah

  48. Aslam o Alaikum brothers and sisters my name is syed faraz hussain shah and i want to know about my family tree my father’s name is syed imtiaz hussain shah s/o syed shabir hussain shah
    grand son of syed kabeer hussain shah s/o syed nazeer hussain shah

  49. Aslam-o-alaikum My name is syed faraz hussain shah My cast is Bukhari Syed. My father name is syed imtiaz hussain shah s/o syed shabir hussain shah s/o syed nazeer hussain shah s/o syed kabeer hussain shah my grand father lost his shajra e nasab will you plz provide us our family tree plz do ur level best i will be thank full to you its my humble request


    • Yes you are right thats why we are very strict providing details of any lineage untill we are fully satisfied that the person requesting for shijra or verificatiob of his lineage in Nqvi sadat. O r the sadat of other Aima (AS).

    I am the grandaughter of Hassan Ali Shah Bokhari and daughter of Syed Mahmood-ul-Hassan Bokhari. from Lahore Pakistan. At partition the family shifted to Lahore from Batala. My father is carring on the legacy of ‘doshalay wala tazia’ every year on the 9 of Muharram at Zafar colony Samanabad. When my grandfather was alive we had a copy of thareekh-i- jalalia. now I would like to know if a revised eddition is available and how can we get our names entered in the Shajra.

  52. I am Syed Mazhar Ali Bokhari S/o Syed Munawar Hussain Shah Bokhari living in Lahore and i have two brothers Syed Muzaffar Ali Bokhari and Syed Azhar Ali Bokhari living together

  53. My respected Prof Dr. Syed Akbar Abbas Naqvi Sb!

    I appreciate your efforts from the core of my hearts by compiling the genealogy of sadaat Bukhari. This is a sacred mission and Allah Almighty will reward you for that. I am yours brother living in Hayatabad, Peshawar. Please keep up the sacred mission. I would feel pleasure if you provide me the detail of your lovely children for my information. So far I am concerned, I have five children- two daughters and three sons. I have only one sister, Zeba Haroon. You are a great person and great persons are born once in history.

    Yours brother,

    Syed Walayat Shah
    Hayatabad, Peshawar.

  54. respected Prof, you say ….. [Sadat’s lineage. And in Pakistan we also don’t allow to any one to have marry with a Syed Girl if he is not Syed.] …..can you please back up your statement from the Quran. who has made this law that a syed girl can not marry a muslim man from another tribe.its is a very important question and i hope you will please help me in this.

    • Yes You may know that Syed blood is disclosed in holy Qur’an as of Shajra-e- Tayyiba. And it is also said in holy Qur’an that Tayyib Men for Tayyiba Girl and Tayiba Girl is for Tayyib men. I hope it will be enough for you.

  55. asalm o alaikum .dear murshed sai (ya ali madad.i m leveing from d m jammali parfameams govt.officer in this regon sir i ruqest to you plz canform and oregional shajera e bukhari sadat.sir my family history is very long and we are leveing sinces after fuor handerd years ago in balochistan kimdly perovaid canform history of balochistan syed,(bukhari) thanks. shah sb.

  56. Dear Brother,
    Salam Alykum
    I m syed Ali Raja from , Gujarat, i m zaidi syed belonging to Sadate bara. Our Great Grand Father Come to Gujarat in 1484 With Sultan Mahmud Beghada. Sultan Gave Us as a Jagir 500 Bigha . brother if you have any Zaidi Sadat History & Family Tree from Belong ging to Our Family plz. Send me Zaid Sadat family tree Our Great Grand Father come from Sadat Bara With 2 Brother Name Syed Alaad (Alaadin), Syed Mustafa, Syed Natib. in 1484 with Sultan Mehmud Beghada after Victory of Pavagadh (chmaner) Near Vadodara City Sultan Gave him Jagir 500 Bigha.
    So. brother You Have any link in our side plz send me Sajara of Sadate Bara.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Syed Ali Raja

  57. ASO. Shah Sb Mara Nam Syed Mudassar Bukhari(From Abbottabad Hazara) BinSyed Burzakh Hussain Bin Hakeem Syed Rustam Ali Shah Bin Mulana Hakeem Syed Ghulam Ali Shah mgrated from Gujrat (Pakistan) Bin Syed Hassan Shah (Almahroof Syed Sahib Ali Shah Bukhari). Please help me in matchning my Shajrah.

  58. hm nazir husain naqvi shajre ke silsile me apse bat krna chahte he , bukhari shajre ki malumat krna chahte he,

  59. assalam o aliakum. i m murtaza bukhari from jabbi syedan azad kashmir. my father name is syed muhammad hanif shah bukhari. and for father name is ashraf shah maqbool shah and habib shah respectively. where i can see my shrjra. plz tell me the link

  60. Murtaza bukhari s/o muhammad hanif Shah s/o ashraf shah s/o syed maqbool shah s/o syed habib shah s/o imam ali shah s/o syed faqeer shah s/o haji abdul rashid shah s/o syed abdul shakoor shah. i don’t have information beyond this plz send me or tell me the link. i live in jabbi syedan azad kashmir. and except me and my father all the people mentioned above are burried in haveli kahuta, which is my own district.

  61. this is wonderful approach…….really appreciated
    i just wana know if you have any information about the bukhari sadat in chunian distt kasur pakistan

  62. My self Bilal Haider Naqvi from Azad Kashmir i want to know about bukhari sadat’s from which point they are joining the faimly tree of naqvi’s and why most of bukhari sadats not writing naqvi with their names and why most of bukhari sadats even did not know that they are naqvi’s infact. ???

  63. Salam Alikum Ya Ali Madad.
    My name is Dr Syed Aoun Muhammad Hussain Bukhari. we originally belong to Gujrat City in Punjab Pakistan.My Ancestors are Bukhari Syeds who settled in Gujrat City at the time of Sultan Altamash of Delhi.My Grand father was Syed Asif Ali Shah Bukhari who was a DSP in Lahore District Police even before 1947 and his father Syed Abbas Ali Shah Bukhari was Superintendent Jail in Gujrat City way before 1947 at the time of British India.Our family was given 7 villages in gujrat by sultan altmash namely Ali Pur Syedan , Kule waal Syedan , Losar Sharif, etc.
    My grand mother’s paternal uncle was Syed Manzoor Hussain Shah an MNA from Lala Musa (Kule waal syedan) for 35 years who has a son called Noor Shah who took refuge in London after his father was assasinated by criminals in 2005.
    I am a Doctor by profession and I am these days in Taif Saudi Arabia.
    Please if anyone who is Naqvi Bukhari syed from pakistan reads this do contact me please if they are one of our extended naqvi family or the knew us.
    Facebook: Aoun Muhammad
    Taif, Saudi Arabia.

    • Dear Brother sallamun Allaikum, Yes brother I can help you and soon I’ll let you know once visiting Lallamusa. I know them and certify that they are also Naqvi sadat according to our main shijra……… may contact me on my cell No: 00 92 323-5744134.

      Prof Dr. Syed Akbar Abbas Naqvi

      • Wa Alikum Salam. Feels so good to hear from you Prof. Akbar. Thank you very very much for replying. InshAllah we will contact you on your cell phone number as soon as I come back from Emergency Duty in Makkah. I informed my parents as well who are really waiting patiently to know more details about our extended Naqvi Bukhari Family.
        I will personally pray for you Prof. Akbar in the House of Allah for this great and noble initiative of uniting this honorable holy blood line. Surely the one who is Muttaqee (Pious) among us is the greatest in the eyes of Allah the Most Merciful.
        Once again thanking you with tears in our eyes.Please do let us know after your Lala Musa or Ali Pur Syedan (Gujrat) visit.
        Dr Aoun Muhammad Hussain
        Taif, Saudi Arabia.

  64. Salam Alikum. Its me Aoun Muhammad again.
    I would like to request the honorable people behind this great initiative to please help me gather and contact all my Naqvi Bukhari relatives.
    I would like to add something to my previous message (comment) to help the honorable webmaster responsible for this great initiative.
    the name of my maternal uncle is Syed Zulfiqar Ali Shah Bukhari who was an officer in PWD in 60’s and 70’s and then he also served in Saudi Aramco for 14 years in Al Khobar city in Saudi Arabia. He was the son of Syed Asghar Ali Shah Bukhari who was a scientist in Faisalabad Agricultural University and later became a Government Officer in Rawalpindi District. He died and is buried in Losar Sharif village near Lala Musa Gujrat,Punjab.
    My maternal grand mother was a senior headmistress in Government Mission Girls High School Gujrat City.She was the grand daughter of Syed Hidayat Ali Shah Bukhari. Her maternal cousin was a high ranking officer in Pakistan Army by the name of Syed Mukhtar Hussain Shah. According to my mother her relatives also were the first in Gujrat City to have a trading agency by the name of Shah And Sons,I have heard her taking the name of someone called Shoukat Ali Shah who used to run this.Another of my mother’s maternal uncle is Syed Ghazanfar Ali Shah Bukhari who was an EDO (District Education Officer in Leiah Punjab).and then later moved to Lahore and has one of his sons Syed Kalb-e-Abbas Shah Bukahri working in a bank in lahore who previously worked for NICL fertilizers.
    I would be very thankful to you.
    Ya Ali Madad.

  65. i am syed. am family tree trace back to Kasoor and than to Ghazni Afghanistan but i have lost my Shajra. if someone know about syeds of Ghazni so please tell me. i am the ancestor of Syed Hussain Shah (Bola Baba) who came with his father from Ghazni Afghanistan. then he went to Kasoor Punjab and than settled in Charsadda. so please help to find my shajara

  66. very good uncle,i m also syed, and my name is syed majeed ali shah bukhari our entire race is from Syedena hussain RA and we have no link joining naqvieas.

  67. ap se puohna thha ke mera aik dost hei us ke baba g ki death ho gehi ei wo syed hein but un ke pas shajra nhi hei…bs yei waqea batatay hein ke un ki jad ka aik bacha tha us k ghr walon ko mar dea tha us ke hath mei ya kan mei sonay ki ear ring yah kara tha…us zamanay mei 2 hi log sona pehntay thay sikh aur syed jaisa wo kehty ab un ke pas shajra b nhi hei app plzzzzzzz ye batao tht wo syed hein ya nhi…aur agar wo shajra anana chaein thn kya karein??????plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz pe msg kejeay ga..bht dinu bad aisi site dhekny ko mili hei..plzzz answer

    • mujhey sun ker afsous huva bahr hall essey surat mein syed kessey sabit houga. Kan mein soney ki murki sign tha Hz: Ismail (as) ki oulad ka phir yeh Hashmi Qabila ki pehchan bna anur baad mein yeh Immam zadoun ki pehchan tha.

      • As salam o alaikum wa rahematullahi wa barkatahu
        As salam ya pak panjatan alaihissalam
        Mai sayyed liyakat Ali Bukhari from Bhandara district Maharashtra India

        Meri khandan ke nam jaha tak hamko pata hain .

        🌹1) Sayyed aalam Bukhari
        Inke bare me mere walid batate the ki sayyed aalam Bukhari haqim the aapke pas Allah ne aisi takat ata farmai thi ki aap kisi jadi buti ya ped paudho ko hath lagate to woh khud apni tarif bayan karti aur sayyed aalam Bukhari se farmati ki mai fala fala marz ke liye kam me aati hun . aur ye Bhi suna hai ki aap kisi badshah ke shahi haqim the is se zada jankari nahi mil pai .

        Sayyed aalam Bukhari ke 2 beto ke nam hamare pas hai .

        1) mir khairat Ali Bukhari
        2) mir barat Ali Bukhari .
        Mir barat Ali Bukhari jawani me hi Pauni ke kille se niche khai ki taraf gir jane se aapka intikal ho gaya tha .

        🌹2) mir khairat Ali Bukhari .
        Ham inki aulad me se hai walid e mohtaram batate the ki aap angrezo ke zamane me jamadar ki post par the .
        Ek bar Nagpur ke raja bhosle ko aapne angrezo se kisi peshi ke dauran badi musibat se bachaya tha .

        Tab raja bhosle ne aapse khush hokar aapko 5 gaon inam me diye .
        1) chandi
        2) channe wada
        3) Arab mangli
        4) dhorap
        5) kosama bodi ya kosam tondi
        Mir khairat Ali Bukhari ke 3 bete hue .

        1) sayyed inayat Ali
        2) sayyed zafar Ali
        3) sayyed baqar Ali

        Ham sayyed inayat Ali ki aulad me se hai .

        🌹3) sayyed inayat Ali Bukhari .
        Inke ek hi bete hue mere walid e marhum haji sayyed ASHRAF Ali ashrafi Bukhari aapko pyar se Bukhari Sahab ke nam se sabhi pukara karte .

        Sayyed inayat Ali Bukhari ka visal mere walid ki paidaish ke 9 mah bad Nagpur me huaa aapki tadfin Sarkar tajul auliya ke aastane ke karib qanristan ya maidan me kahi hai aapki qabr ka ab pata lagana mushqil hai .

        Walid Sahab bataya karte ki sayyed inayat Ali Bukhari salat o sunnat ke paband the .
        Aur aap par majzoobiyat Bhi tari raheti .
        Namaz ka waqt hota to aap jagah nahi dekhte jangal patthar pahad kisi Bhi jagah namaz ka ahetemam karte .
        Aap par kabhi kabhi majzoobiyat tari ho jati .

        Laikin aam taur par aap aaqil o saliq the .

        🌹4) sayyed ASHRAF Ali ashrafi Bukhari
        ( Bukhari Sahab )
        Inke 1 beti sayyeda shahina Jamal aur 4 bete hue
        1) sayyed Ahesan Ali Ahesan ashrafi Bukhari .

        2) sayyed Irfan Ali ashrafi Bukhari.

        3) sayyed zulfiqar Ali ashrafi Bukhari.

        4) sayyed liyakat Ali ashrafi Bukhari.

        Sayyed Alam Bukhari ke walid ka nam galeban syed sultan Ali shah Bukhari hain barae karam rahenumai farmae my watssap no +91 9326910687

  68. salam YA ALI(a.s)MADAD


  69. Dear Sir Syed Akbar Abbas Naqvi ,

    Salam and Tofa Ya ALi a.s Madad.

    Sir i am Bukhari Naqvi syed and 6 steps up my grandfather was very well know and his Holy Shrine is in Saghar Pur, Tehsil Pinddadan khan, Disdtrict Jhelum. We have a complete shajra and we are from syed Jallal-ud-din Surakh bukhari sarkar. But no one providing us that sujra so please if you can help me it will be great support for me and i will pray in every namaz till my death. After a long search i found the person that can help me. i have the few names from me till upward that are as:

    Syed Nasir abbas Bukhari (Me)


    Syed Asghar Ali shah bukhari (Brothers of my father are Syed Fida shah and syed Akbar ali shah)


    Syed Bahdar ali shah bukhari


    Syed Ameer Alam shah Bukhari


    Syed Ahmed shah (Syed Hayat Shah is brother of Ahmed shah and son of Muhammad shah)


    Syed Muhammad shah ( His shrine is in Saghar Pur)

    I shall be very thankful to you if you can provide me completed shajra above this.

    Sir i will never forget your this greatness and cooperation.


    Dr.Syed Nasir Abbas Bukhari
    BSc, PharmD, RPh, MPPA, PhD
    8401, West Dempster St. Apt. K-2
    Niles, 60714, illinois, USA
    cell no. 001-224-243-5059
    email :

    1. JAFFAR
    3. ALI

    • bhai a sunni can not be considered as Syed. He will be taken as Murtad if he became Sunni from Shia which is not possible. According to holy Qur’an the sadat is a divine seed and its example is Hz: Yahya (as) in holy Qur’an a one of Syed even before the announcement of Prophetical period of Muhammad (saww). And all the Prophets were from Shia…see at Qur’an 15:10….and every one who was not a believer in that holy Prophets including Hazur was called Sunni at Qur’an 15:13. Therefore, a divine seed like Yahya (as) or Muhammad (saww) can not be a Sunni in their descendants.


    • bhai a sunni can not be considered as Syed. He will be taken as Murtad if he became Sunni from Shia which is not possible. According to holy Qur’an the sadat is a divine seed and its example is Hz: Yahya (as) in holy Qur’an a one of Syed even before the announcement of Prophetical period of Muhammad (saww). And all the Prophets were from Shia…see at Qur’an 15:10….and every one who was not a believer in that holy Prophets including Hazur was called Sunni at Qur’an 15:13. Therefore, a divine seed like Yahya (as) or Muhammad (saww) can not be a Sunni in their descendants.

  72. sayed shah abu mahammad tajuddin aliul ehesanul mulke ehesan ali aalqaderi ./ s/o-alhaj pir moulana hazrat sayed shah nurul huda moinul haque aalqaderi ul chisti says:

    Hazrat, aassalmo alaaikum,now we are belongs at west bengal ,india
    the sijrapak of our family says that we are khandan of hazrat moulana o kutubana pir e kamel saiyedena shah jalaluddin bukharari rahamatullah he aalaihe.details communication will inseaalaahh…………

  73. As-Salamu-Alaiykum

    I am S.Tahir Bapu Naqvi Al – Bukhari from Gujarat India.In our Gujarat there are lots of Naqvi Bukhari Saadat are there- about 70% of Gujarati Saadat are Bukhari . All of them are from Pir Saiyed Qutbe Alam Bukhari whose tomb is major city of India Ahmedabad and his sons.
    I am thankful for Sister Syeda Massoma Zahra Naqvi’s tremendous work for this presentation.May God bless you and your team

    If you need any information regarding Bukhari Saadat of India feel free to call me at

    Iltemase Dua


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  76. AOA adn Ya Ali Madad. I am Syed Tanveer Abbas Bukhari Dear sir how can i found Shajra of Bukhari sadat Shajra please tell me.

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  78. Reblogged this on NAQVI SADAT IN PAKISTAN and commented:

    Sadat (Syeds) are the direct descendants of the Lord Most high (EL- ELYON) according to the holy Qur’an and the holy Qura’n disclosed Hz:YAHYA (as) being a Syed and the holy seed of heavenly Zuriyyet e Tayyiba out of the Lord (min ludanka) and it was the prayer accepted of HZ: Zakriya (as).

  79. 1) sayyed mustufa Bukhari
    (inke judwa bete hue 5 minit ke fark me )
    1) syed hassan Bukhari
    2) 2) syed qashan Bukhari
    3) Syed mir gulam ali bukhari
    3) Syed mir Haider ali bukhari
    3) Syed mir mehndi hasan Bukhari
    4) Syed fazal husain shah bukhari
    5) syed wilayat has bukhari
    6) Syed muhhammed ali hasan bukari
    7) Syed ahmed kabir shahid
    8) Syed maasum ali shah bukhari
    9) Syed saiduddin shah Bukhari
    10) Mir Aziz Bukhari
    11) Syed sultan ali shah Bukhari
    12) Syed aalam Bukhari
    13) Mir khairat ali Bukhari
    14) Syed inayat ali Bukhari
    15) Syed ashraf ali bukhari
    1) Sayyed ahesan ali Bukhari
    2) Sayyed Irfan ali Bukhari ashrafi
    3) Sayyed zulfukar ali Bukhari ashrafi
    4) Sayyed liyaqat ali Bukhari ashrafi

    hazrat Sayyed mustufa ali Bukhari ke upar ka shajra nasab nama Ki muze zarurat hai
    gar aap hazrat meri kuchh madat kar sake to mehrabani .
    mai aur meri nasle aapki shukrguzar rahengi .

    Sayyed liyakat ali Bukhari
    froam bhandara 441904 Maharashtra India
    contract bomber + 91 9326910687

  80. Dear Professor Sb.I have sent two mails on the same subject.I shared some steps of my family ancestors and requested to check the linkage of my family and please guide me.I think you are quite busy. yet I did not receive any response.Pl take some time and advise .

  81. میرا نام سید شہزاد علی شاہ نقوی ہے، اور میں ایک ویب ڈویلپر ہوں، اگر میں کسی حوالے سے آپ کے کام آسکوں تو حاضر ہوں

  82. I m a bukhari syed 4rm sialkot and married with non syed pathan and i spend my life happliy .what u say about this

    • Qur’an has clearly said that Tayyibien for the Tayyibate and Khabisien for the Khabisate. Therefore, a Tayyib Shijra can not be indulged with a non Tayyib one. In the same issue the holy scriptures of past have stated that ……”You should not marry with none divine ones” when you have been made in tayyib seed.
      I don’t know either you are a Shia or a Sunni Syed…..if you are a Shia Syeda then there is no marriage Nikah in between you and your so called husband, even though you are considering it as a marriage. And if you are from Sunni Syed then you are not a true Syeda from the seed of Saddat.

      Note: Any one who have changed herself from the true Qaim religion is also a “Murtad” and then he or she is also countable of the said act on the day, when he or she is going to be presented in front of their Lord just after the 3rd day of his / her death from this universe.

  83. مولا علی کی بہن اور حضرت ابوطالب کی بیٹی امّ ہانی کے شوہر کا نام ھیبرہ بن عمر بن عائذ مخزومی تھا اور قبیلۂ بنی مخزوم ہاشمی نہیں ہوتے بلکہ یہ الگ قبیلہ ہے۔۔۔ یہ غیر ہاشمی ہیں

    پھر انھوں نے کیوں غیر سید میں ام ھانی کا نکاح کیا ؟؟

    اسکا آپ کے پاس کیا جواب ھے ۔ ؟؟

    جب حضرت عبد المطلب نے اپنی بیٹیوں کی شادیاں بنو امیہ میں کی ھیں تو ھم آپ عبد المطلب سے بڑھ کر تو غیرت مند نہیں ھیں

    عمات الرسول
    صفية وأم حكيم البيضاء وعاتكة وأميمة وأروى وبرة.

    1- صفية بنت عبد المطلب بن هاشم القرشية الهاشمية
    أول من تزوجها الحارث بن حرب بن أمية، ثم هلك، فخلف عليها العوام بن خويلد بن أسد بن عبد العزى
    2- أم حكيم بنت عبد المطلب بن هاشم القرشية الهاشمية

    تزوجها كريز بن ربيعة بن حبيب بن شمس بن عبد مناف بن قصي
    ثم تزوجت عقبة بن أبي معيط


    3- أروى بنت عبد المطلب بن هاشم القرشية الهاشمية، .

    زواجهــــا :عمير بن وهب بن عبد قصي

    4- أميمة بنت عبد المطلب بن هاشم القرشية الهاشمية

    وتزوجها جحش بن رياب بن يعمر بن صبرة بن مرة بن كبير بن غنم بن دودان بن أسد بن خزيمة حليف حرب بن أمية بن عبد شمس
    5- عاتكة بنت عبد المطلب بن هاشم القرشية الهاشمية
    تزوجها أبو أمية بن المغيرة بن عبد الله بن عمر بن مخزوم

    • The Syed zurriyat /seed is from Purified ones and they are from the heavenly seed,It is mentioned in Hz: Yahya(as)’s issue. He was the first Syed on this land and of heavenly purified seed /Zuriyete Tayyiba of Sadat in Qur’an.

      Now there is no argument about the divine seed of Sadat. Be sure and careful, your all submissions shows that you have no knowledge of Sadat and it’s introduction in holy Qur’an. You may know that in relation to the marriages of daughter’s of Hz: Abu Talib (as) or Abdul Matlib (as) to non Muslims or in other tribes out of Hashmi tribes before Arabic Islam? Hashmi’s are not Syeds even now. Sadats are from the holy, divine and purified seed in the Hebron Islam according to holy Qur’an. Now from Arabic Islam and onward Sadat / Syed seed are from Imam ELY(aj) and Bibi Fatimah (sa) according to Holy Zabur (Chapter 45:9-16).

  84. Asalamualikum..
    I would like to know the linege of Mir Syed Ali Bukhari who migrated from bukhara to kashmir at the time of sultan zainul abdin to hadrat jalaudin surkh posh bukhari ( r.a) since wikepedia mentions him as one of his descendent in kashmir……….

    • I have detailed shajra of Mir Ali Bukhari till myself and above till mola Ali A.S. if you want to know any details contact me at 0300-8558400 or waseem.shah@hot

  85. Salamun allaikum .I am living in Una Gujarat India. I am practising as an advocate.The area in which we are residing is known as Bukhari mohalla . We are famous as Bukhari but our sirname is Naqvi. As per information after sindh we reached Gujarat with Ahmedshah or some other badshah please give me details if you have any

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  87. syed ali naqi shah son of jarrar hussain shah son of syed haider shah son of syed dewan ali shah son of syed sultan shah this comes up the way to syed rang shah wali of Allah then to syed shah dowlat bokhari n one n only the father of all naqvis jalal ud din shurkhposh bokhari.

    May Allah bless you all bokharis and shias
    Ali Naqi Shah

  88. Pingback: Soscik Suspension by Terzani

  89. It great effort to save the history of Bukhari Sadaat at all level.
    I am working on the Bukhari Family of Village Gahi Sayyedan, Tehsil Munawwar, Distirct Jummu, Occupied Kashmir. Their family is now setteled in Village Sagahar, Near Tanda Mota, District Gujat.
    Any one who is interested to share can contact me at my or cell phone: +92-336-00-14972.

  90. السلام عليكم Naqvi sadat k bare itne zeada information dekh kr buht khushi hui
    Naqvi sadat k Ansaab pr kam krne wale tumam mohaqqeqeen se aik sawal he plz help kren
    jehlum ki Teh pind dadan khan ka aik maruf Qasba jalal pur shrif he. Yehan bhi aik bukhari khandan abad he jin main Haidr shah our Fazal shah nami maruf sahib e mazar hain. In k bare ap ka ka kea kheyal he. Naqvi sadat k qadeem shajraat main bhi hamen in ka zikr nhi mila
    in ka shajra jo yeh khud naqal krte hain yeh qatee tor pr drust nhi.

  91. Assalam o alaikum
    Naqvi bukhari sahih ul Nasab Sadat se guzarash he k pakistan bhar main Naiku kara qu،raishi،zikria shahi quraishi، hankari quraishi، Aaqashi quraishi our nam nehad peer zadgan Namun k sath bukhari likh kr naqvi sadat main dakhal hone ki bhar poor kosh،ash kr rahe se muhtat rahen .in ko karobari shajra navees bhi mil ge hain. Yeh in ko marzi k mutabaq shajre bana bana kr de rahe hain

  92. Asalamualikum,

    is it possible to provide details regarding lineage of Qazi Mir Syed Ali Bukhari who settled in Kashmir at the time of Sultan Zainul Abidin. i require it to join my lineage through Mir Ali Bukhari to ancestors such as Hadrat Jalaludin Jahanian Jahangasht Bukhari or Surk Posh Bukhari.

    appreciate your response

  93. plz help me humari family syed badruddin r,a (mia badruddin bijnor wale) se belong karti hay koi janta hay to contect me .

  94. aoa tman sadat ikram ko slaam arz hay
    muja kuxh msaiyal ki wjah sa shajra shareef chaey athentic
    hazrat jalal ud dinsurkh posh bukhari ki oulad ma sa hain syed lao ud den kareri anatnag kareri shareef ma unka mazar hay jamu kashmir ma unki oulad ma sa syed fazal shah azad kashmir ma dafan hain ab muja syed fazal shah sahib say la kar ka peer alao den kareeri tak or fir agay jalala ud den surkh posh bukhari tak shajra chaey plzzzzz help me…….

  95. bahi ap jo book lekh rahy ha keya uska nam bata sakty ha ya net ma jetni ap lekh chuky ho keya ma dakh sakta ho?

  96. shajra nasab … hazrat ali/ hazrat imam hussain /hazrat imam zanul abydin /imam baqar / imam jafir sadiq / imam musa qazim imam ali raza imam muhammad taqi / imam muhammad naqvi / syed jafir sani /syed ali asghar /syed abdulaha shah / syed ahmad /syed mahmud shah /syed muhammad shah / syed jafir shah syed ali awal sarhindi / syed shar shah /syed jalal din shah / syed makhdum jahaniya /syed makhdum shah /syed nasir din shah / syed ruken din / syed abul fath shah /syed kamal shah / syed hamid kalan / syed ismail shah syed mubarik shah / syed akhter shah / syed abdul khaliq shah / syed hamid gang bakhs / syed muhammad maki / syed qutbudin shah syed shah hussain shah / sed jalal din syed kamal shah / syed gazib shah / syed shakur shah / syed taqi shah / syed arif shah / syed baqar shah / syed aaqil shah / syed maqhan shah / syed chanday shah / syed gamin shah / syed mahar ali shah syed asghar ali shah / syed shahid hussain shah bukhari

    • Dear sir I need your contact number I want to ask about shajra thanks and regards Shafqat 03157959798 On Oct 2, 2015 12:33 PM, “NAQVI SADAT IN PAKISTAN” wrote:

      > syed shahid hussain bukhari commented: “shajra nasab … hazrat ali/ > hazrat imam hussain /hazrat imam zanul abydin /imam baqar / imam jafir > sadiq / imam musa qazim imam ali raza imam muhammad taqi / imam muhammad > naqvi / syed jafir sani /syed ali asghar /syed abdulaha shah / syed ahmad > /syed m”

  97. Aoa hmry pass sadat k barz m kafi malamat hn or ap k sth discuss krna chatz hn.ta k mayeed gehrai m smja ja sky

    Syed Jalal udin Shah Bukhari surkh posh
    Syed Ali ,Syed Jaffar,Syed Muhammad ghous,Sultan syed ahmad kabeer,Syed bahaudin masoom
    (Syed ali walid k hukam pr wapis bukhara chlz gz thz .un ki myar bukhara m h)

    Sons of Syed Ali
    syed haji haleem shah,syed mubarak shah,syed mosa wali,

    sons of yzed haji haleem shah

    Syed mubarak shah,Syed sirajudin shah,(Bibi Jawindi Daughter)
    ,syed Muhammad shah,
    syed bahudin shah
    ,syed chandna chragh,
    syed shah hussain shah,syed noor mustafa shah,
    ,syed drya ajmal shah(lawld),syed baduin shah al maroof bahawal haleem shah
    (Syed Bahawal haleem shah Akbar badshah ki kabeena k ameer thy)

    Sons of syed baduin shah al maroof bahawal haleem shah

    ,syed abdul majeed shah,Syed jalal shah urf jaffer shah,syed ahmad shah,syed ali shah,syed zain ulabideen shah

    syed bahaudin shah,Syed noor shah,syed mubarik shah,syed shareef shah

    ,syed saleh shah,
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    syed ahmad shah,
    syed khushi muhammad shah

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    Sons of syed Ghualm nabi shah
    syed sher shah,shah,shah.

    son of sher shah
    syed noor shah
    ,syed allah buksh shah
    , Syed ameer hussain shah,
    Syed qaisar abbas shah,
    syed asim abbas shah,

    • Sir G syed ali tirmizi peer baba (bunair) tak ki ager detail ya shajra k bare me ager ap kuch bata dein.

  98. Aoa.Hmary pass shajry k bary m ye information h .Or mazeed agr Ap k pass hn to share krn .Kia ap k pass shjra ki informtin sy mutabqat rkhti h.Contact No,0345 7649895
    Syed imam Ali naqi
    Syed Imam Hassan Askari,syed Jaffer sani,Syed Hussain
    Sons of Jaffer sani,a
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    Sons of Syed Ali Abu Al moveed
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    Sons of Syed Qaisar Abbass Shah
    Syed Asim Abbass Shah,Syed Abdul Mutlib Shah

  99. AOA, YAM,

    Dear Profr. Akber Abbas Shah Sb,

    I am very happy to see your efforts regarding collection and gathering the data of Naqvi Sadaats. I was also in search of such a precious website. God give you best reward Bahaqe Masoome a.s.

    Here below i am sending you my shajra nasab that is written in Persian language at some old pages with cloth available in our family. There may be some mistakes regarding translating of correct name due to written in old Persian and misprinting. You are requested to please confirm it and provide me complete book Jalalia with addition of my below shajra nasab.

    With best regards, Shujaat Naqvi…………0334-5057486 Rawalpindi


  100. Asalamualikum sir
    May Almighty bless you sir, for such a great job.
    if you will allow me sir I shall go head.

  101. Asalamualikum sir,

    I m Syed Ashraf Bukhari Naqvi from Indian occupied kashmir. May Almighty bless you and rewards you for such a great work.
    I have a very good shajrah in persian language and in poetry form.
    This shajrah has been written in 1230 hijri by a well known person namely Mazhar Ali.
    I want to share this with you sir please allow me.

  102. kya aap hame bata shak te he syed Nasir Uddin Bukhari (Uch) kitne bete or kon kon he or kaha he plz ham bhi unse he ek bhule ko rasta btaye me india se hu or ye mera nambar he 08347350105 plz sar halp mi plz

  103. I m belong to sayed family from(Kunar)Afghanistan and (dir) to (Peshawar) to karachi but I live in Karachi . . . .

    Syedsuhail015@gmail. Com

  104. Sir mai syed bukhari family se hone mai aap se ye pocna chatha hone k humaray pass shijra nahi hai to mai apna shijra nasab kase talash karoo mujhe apne kafi buzrgoo ka naam pata hai please help me
    Syed khurram bukhari

  105. Asslam o Alikum
    i m Syed Asif Ali Bukhari i have 100 pluse page shijrah of my naqvi bukhari faimly start From Hazrat Jalal uddin Surkh posh bukhari R.A

  106. Hello sir, I am a naqvi bukhari syed from dera ismail khan. My father name is Syed EJaz hussain shah s/o Syed Ameer Hussain shah s/o Hussian Shah. I want to collect my shajra. Can you help me in this regard plz. I have called you but your no is not responsive. Any info will be very helpfull and appreciated. My email id is and contact is 03339349112. Ap bht azeem kam kar rhe hain, Mola apko aur himat de. Ameen.

  107. Ya Ali madad
    I am naqvi bukhari syed from dera ismail khan. I am searching for my shajra and find this blog. MashaAllah its a great effort by you sir. Mola apko aur himmat de. My father name is Syed EJaz hussain shah s/o Syed Ameer Hussain shah s/o Hussian Shah. We are also related with peer Shah esa of Biloot Sharref. I called upon your no, but it’s not responding. I will be great full sir, if could help me. My contact is 03339349112 and email is


  109. AssalamuAlaikum
    I am from Indian Kashmir. .
    We are from bukhari family.
    How can we help in your moral work.

    Syed Masood Ul Rehman Bukhari

  110. Asalam o Alaikum to all my bukhary families I’m Syed Ali Zain Naqvi from Jhelum . S/o Syed Muhammad Mehfooz Naqvi S/O Syed Fateh Haider shah Bukhary . Our grand Gran father Syed Nadir Ali SNaqvi he came from Azad Kashmir To Rohtas and then new generation grown up there . In my family we have lots of saints even my father since 12 year in Majzoob condition but after that age by the order of Molà g Lajpal Sarkar he started new life . I’m really really happy to see all this efforts Mola G Sarkar is kawish ka are Azeem ata farmaeñ .

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