Introduction of Sadat.

Heavenly Royal Blood.

Zabur ( Psalm ) 45 : 16.

“Your sons ( O’ Fatimah S.A ) will take the place of your father, whom you shall make Syedim ( a Plural in form of Syed in Hebrew ) Princes in all the earth”.

It was an introduction of our Foundation of Sadat in the holy verses of Zabur / Psalm introduced by Hz: Daud / David ( A.S ). After that it was our holy Prophet Hz:Yahya (A.S) / John the Baptist, who was a Syed and of the Purified Seed / Zuriyaten Tayyibatun, which was given from the heavenly holy seed of the Lord Himself. ( Qur’an 3 : 38-39 ). It is alos important here to note that the father and the mother of Hz: Yahya ( A.S ) was not the Syed in seed but the son was syed cause he was from the direct seed of our Lord / “min Ludunka” ( out of the Lord see at Qur‘an 3 : 38 ). Therefore, our Lord Himself has been called “Syed -ul-Sadate”. The holy Qur’an has also referred these holy and heavenly royal seed being the “seeds of purification” and as well as the holy “purified words” saying, ” Ka-Shajratien Tayyabatien Va Kalematien Tayyabatien at Qur’an 14 : 24.

Whereas, the enemies of these holy and heavenly royal seed / Sadat, were also named as “wicked seeds” and as well as the “wicked words” saying, “Ka-Shajratien Khabisatien Va Kalematien Khabisatien at Qur’an 14 : 26.

That’s why the latest discoveries of the Dead Sea Scrolls have clearly mentioned that the owner of these holy Scrolls were the Shuddai Party { Deep loving ones / Shia’an-e-Eli (JJ )}. They were known as the “Sons of Light” and opposing to them were the Jews and they were the “Sons of Darkness”.

You may also know that these sons of Light ( Bin-e-Anwar) were also introduced in the New Testament of the Bible as under:

James 1 : 17.

“ Every good and purified / perfect gift is from above, coming down ( by nazool ) from the Father of the heavenly Lights / Abi-ul-Anwar ( Immam -e-Eli, J.J )”.

Therefore the heavenly Lights are his sons, and they are the real Inheritors / arisoun of the holy Qur’an 15 : 23. For further details of these holy ones, and their real introduction, you may read the holy and divine 19 lessons of “Ayat-ullah Prof Dr. Syed Akbar Abbas Bokhari, the most intellectual and spiritual authority in Illahiyat / Divine Unity and in Comparative Study of Theology, of the time, in his website of Millate Ibrahim ( A.S ) / called Monotheism Hebrew in world religion at:

Zakira -e- Ahlel-be’eit,

Prof Mrs. Syeda Masooma Zahra Naqvi.


Mr. Bokhari’s Family Tree of Naqvi Sadat.

Prof Dr. Syed Akbar Abbas Bokhari’s family Tree.

Short Shijrah / Family Tree:

This Shijrah Family Tree was published in the book namely “History of Glorious Ones” ( Tarikh-e-Jalalia ) . Published by Syed Bashir Hussain Bokhari ( Shaheed ) on 30th April 1975 from Sargodha-Pakistan.

My family introduction from it’s Page 86 ( Tarikh e Jallalia) being the gran grand son of popular Saint of Lahore Syed Miran Muhammad Shah (Urf Mouj Darya Bokhari), burred at Old Anarkali, Lahore. He was the grand, grand son of Popular Saints of Uch Sharif, Hz: Syed Jallal-ud-Din Bokhari known as Surkh Posh and his grand gran son and another popular Saint Hz: Syed Jallal-ud Din Bokhari, known as Makhdum of Jahanian, (Jahan Gasht / miraculous tourist of the world) District, Multan:

Syed Mazhar Ali Shah Bukhari Son of Syed Ghulam Hussain Bukhari was having three sons namely:

Syed Ahmed Ali Shah Bukhari, Syed Murawat Ali Shah Bukhari, Syed Muhammad Ali Shah Bukhari.

Then Syed Murawat Ali Shah Bukhari was having one Son namely :

Syed Enayat Ali Shah Bukhari and he holds 4 Sons namely:

Syed Amjad Hussain Shah Bukhari, Syed Mazhar Ali Shah Bukhari, Syed Munawar Hussain Shah Bukhari and Syed Mukhtar Hussain Shah Bukhari.

They are the descendent of Hz: Syed Talla’a Zinda Noori ( RA ) and spreaded in Battala the old city of India, through the grand grand father Syed Imam Shah Bukhari. Also called the descendents of popular Soofi Hz: Syed Mohammed Shah called as Mouj Darya Bukhari of Lahore.

They are seven Brothers and four Sisters from Syed Amjad Hussain Shah Bukhari son of Syed Enayat Ali Shah Bukhari recorded at page 86 of Tarikh-e-Jalalia the said book of our Family Tree.

Mr. Syed Amjad Hussain Bokhari & Mrs Syeda Muzamil Fatimah Bukhari had 7 sons and 4 sisters namely:

1st. ( Late ) Syed Riffat Abbas Shah Bukhari,

2nd. Syed Raza Abbas Shah Bukhari,

3rd. ( Late ) Syed Muhammed Abbas Shah Bukhari,

4th. ( Late ) Syed Asgher Abbas Shah Bukhari,

5th. Prof Dr. Syed Akbar Abbas Shah Bukhari.

6th. Syed Abid Abbas Shah Bukhari and

7th. Syed Hadi Abbas Shah Bukhari.


I. Mrs. Syeda Mudasar Sajjad Bukhari,

2. Mrs. Syeda Anjuman Aftab Bukhari,

3. Mrs. Syeda Yasmin Haider Bukhari,

4. Mrs. Syeda Norien Haider Bukhari.

Names of the Sons of Prof Dr. Syed Akbar Abbas Shah Bokhari:

Syed Ali Abbas Shah Bukhari .

Syed Hassan Abbas Shah Bukhari

The names of the 2 grand sons from Syed Ali Abbas Shah Bokhari (Martyred) are as under:

Syed Elya Abbas Shah Bukhari,

Syed Yahya Abbas Shah Bukhari.

Wass -Sallam,

Administrator of the site:

Prof Dr. Syed Akbar Abbas Naqvi Bokhari.